Where Can I Find Information on Free Drug Rehab Treatment Centers?

Question by harrison_s_j: Where can I find information on free treatment centers?
I need to find places that treat drug addictions, but they’re set in place for poor people who can’t afford it. Help?
This isn’t for me. It’s for my mother.

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Answer by Cherry
go to a local comminity center.

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Most eating disorder treatment centers don’t even admit men, even though drug rehab is not gender-exclusive, nor rehab for sex addiction. – by dancingfoodie (Ethan Teng)


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Can Drug Rehab Centers Help With Addiction Treatment http://t.co/rQCFHdug – by Filomenatm760 (Filomena Overbee)


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health care: Heroin Rehab Centers Malibu Horizon is a alcohol drug rehab detox addiction treatment center for su… http://t.co/1iKfvPf4 – by accesschapala (Access Lake Chapala)



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  • MsSmurfy says:

    Simply begin by calling numbers in your phone book, briefly explain that you need ‘affordable’ HELP, ask for places to be referred to you that maybe able to accept you based upon your ability to pay…sliding scale they used to call it. Local telephone directories always list drug treatment, etc counseling,etc. Or simply go online, do a google or Yahoo search…type in drug rehabilitation, then click on one that sounds interesting to you, then to narrow down areas, they will ask you for zip code. Or try my favorite most reliable site: http://www.WebMd.com it is easy to understand & navigate within, with avenues that will lead you toward the proper resources. I wish you success in your journey~ May you find comfort & resolve within a treatment/rehab facility. Take care!

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