Addiction- Drug Deaths or Stories?

Question by : Addiction- drug deaths or stories?
Need some help with my addiction issues- feel that personal stories or death statistics might help me out.
All answers welcome- I’m pretty desperate.
Yes, I go to meetings.
Thanks in advance.
please help me before its too late.

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Answer by Sy K
I know you don’t see it but almost all people who commit serious crime, murder, rape, kidnapping, violent crime, muggings knife & gun crime & probably many other sorts all of them used drugs

I’ve had smack heads (Herion addicts) stab me while walking home from school all because his missus started shouting at me for no reason, O his is girlfriend was younger than me & i was still at school (A+B = C = F.ucked Up)

So i hope you get the point drugs are an excuse

Answer by Anthony D
Not too long ago i was dispatched to a sudden death. A man on a pay phone called 911 and told dispatch that over an hour ago he and a group of friends were shooting up heroin and smoking crack. He told dispatch that one guy stopped breathing and they all took off. He also noted he was scared and felt guilty so called to make sure he was okay. Not to mention the group of addicts took the mans possessions, a wallet, money, cards, jewelry before fleeing. We obviously got there too late. This man probably died thinking he wasn’t alone.

I get OD’s quite often and most of the time it’s too late because people just leave. This was the first call i encountered where people robbed a dying “Friend”. Good luck, i hope you can find yourself help before you become a statistic. Your addiction may not be heroin, but all addictions are the same.

The Nelson Center: Stories of Drug Addiction — Two , variously addicted to alcohol, pot, crystal meth, cocaine, vicodin and other pills, tell their stories and how …

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  • Is that so says:

    Not drugs for me but alcohol…….. a filthy addiction.

    I was a disgustingly addicted alcoholic.. I stopped just short of drinking metholayted spirits for a cheap hit …… but that’s only because i didn’t know that it was a cheap high. I’m one of the lucky ones cos my wife hung in there with me ….. just ….. my 3 year old gave me my epiphany. I had only stopped drinking for 3 days and was sweating and shaking in bed. She came in and started patting my forehead with a wet cloth almost in tears telling me she’d simply have to stay home from day care and look after her poor dadda. I had been so close to grabbing some whisky and just drowning again. When she said that it was like all the lights suddenly went on …. i looked at her and i still swear she was lit by pure white light. I’m getting goosebumps all over right now just retelling it.

    I had my epiphany. What the hail was I doing.

    Find a reason to be ……… even if you can’t find a reason hang in there anyway because you are worth it and you deserve to feel fabulous in your own skin. ADdictions can consume you or you can eliminate them ….. don’t let it rot you from the inside out.

    I never touched another drop …….. 7 years since. Today my liver is in such good condition the doctor told me that if i got run over by a bus tomorrow they’d be asking my nearest and dearest to donate my liver.

    You can do this. If you think you are wrong or think you are right then you are right. So, if you believe it will happen. Believe in the power of you.

    Push yourself, visualise vital healthy vibrant you…. your body will cope ……. visualise what you want hun……. not what you don’t want…… you’ve just got to want it so bad that nothing is going to stop you …… it’s your conscious mind that’s stopping you …….. tell your brain to shuddup and step back in your minds eye and observe the drama your brain is putting you through ……. observe the mechanics of the human mind…. just observe and watch… don’t analyse or judge……. just watch …….. doing this enables you to disidentify with your mind, thoughts, memories, words …… cos that’s all they are …….. you are more than your mind….. think positive usefull energetic thoughts …… tell yourself continuously that you are not addicted to whatever substance when the urge arises.

    And eat unprocessed fresh fresh living foods and feed and nuture the essence of you.

    Eliminate junky fatty sugary fake food and focus on fresh green salads and vegies, fresh lean meats and fishes, organic raw nuts and seeds like sunflower seeds and almonds, wholegrains and cereals like brown rice, rolled oats, eat lentils, chick peas, drink lots and lots of water …. lean sources of protein will help enormously with cravings for anything …… eat low sugar fruits like berries and watermelon if you want something sweet.

    Don’t give up.

    You only have to get through one day at a time.

    Buy a punching bag and belt that around and get the serotonin pumping naturally through your body…. dance wildly round your living room to loud rock music.

    Anything but succumbing to the temptation.


  • Jody says:

    In recovery, do the next right thing…always. Call another member in your group. Get a list of 5 people in the rooms that you can call any time night or day. Delay the alcohol/drug “til tomorrow.”

    Call your Sponsor.
    Get to a meeting.
    Go to Alanon.
    Read literature.
    Read in the Big Book or Twelve and Twelve.
    Go for a walk, with someone or leave your money home.
    Go for a drive.
    Remember, “this too shall pass.”
    Play with your child.
    Cook a meal.
    Take a bath.
    Give your spouse or gf/bf a call.

    There are online AA and NA meetings and Rooms.

    The site below can help you find local meetings, has information about online meetings and more.

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