How Do Commit Someone for Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Question by chocolate: How do commit someone for alcohol and ?
My mother is an alcoholic and drug user. She needs to be committed to a treatment center but she will not go. Last week she slit her wrists and went to the emergency room (50 stitches) but they let her go. I did not know until afterward that she had done this. How can I have her committed if she won’t go on her own? If she attemps suicide again, can I have her committed? Thanks.

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Answer by mouses1
Go to your local court house.

Answer by notyou311
It is next to impossible to commit an adult. Tell your Dr. that she is a danger to herself and others.

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  • pfloydie says:

    It may depend on the state you live in – the laws vary I would think — It is VERY strange to me that the hospital released her after she hurt herself like that – if (GOD FORBID) she hurts herself again – personnally I would sue the hospital for negligence!! Obviously your mother is very troubled and needs help, I would get more of your family involved in your crusade to help her, your father, grandparents, sisters, brothers etc.. . .if you know who is supplying her drugs — I would call the police and report them as drug sellers so they get out of her life – If you find alcohol in the house – dump it down the drain, take pills and knives etc and hide them or lock them up in a lock box.. . tell her you need her to be healthy if not for herself – for you!! Tell her you need her and that you can help her get through this hard time, I tried to kill myself twice in my lifetime after about 10 years I am finally in the clear ( i was having drug problems ) I know how she feels right now and trust me she is not thinking of anyone but herself right now – tell her you cannot bear to bury your own mother — she needs help no matter how impossible things seem right now. . . .

  • gardensallday says:

    If you are in the United States, check with (national association on mental illness). They have a lot of advice for families trying to commit or talk a family member into treatment. I think the wheedling approach is widely viewed as being more effective than the confrontational approach, which is pushed because it is dramatic on TV. If you commit your mom and can’t talk her into treatment, she may never forgive you, so be prepared for that. If my husband ever committed me for suicide attempts (I have bipolar really bad, and the drugs don’t help me much) I probably wouldn’t ever forgive him. It’s like a rape to get treated against your will. Soooooooooo you may have to do it, sometimes you really have to, but don’t expect any gratitude for it. You will have to comfort yourself with the fact you may have saved her life. They have a lot of info for you, and local chapters you can contact. Good luck!! Drug and alcohol abuse can be self medication for underlying depression/bipolar.

  • punky says:

    It is a difficult process to have someone committed, especially if they have been released from the hospital after asuicide attempt. You might want to try an intervention. An addict wont quit until they have to. That is until they can no longer take the consequences of thier use. I hate to tell you this but sometimes that final straw is death. Jail,institutions or death….I ended up in jail for possession of drugs for about 3 weeks, the judge ordered me to treatment and had the staff from the treatment center pick me up from court. If you could find a way to get her straight for a few days she may be more receptive to getting the help she needs. Jail could save her life.

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