Pursuing a Career in Teaching in MN With a Criminal Record?

Question by Kareem H: Pursuing a career in teaching in MN with a criminal record?
I am a thirty year old recovering drug addict and alcoholic. In 2006 and 2005 i was arrested for shoplifting on three different occasions and was convicted for gross misdeamenor theft on all three charges. I stole to support an out of control heroin addiction. I graduated from the University of Mn twin cities campus with a degree in applied economics in 2001. After school my drinking and drugging spun out of control and by 2004 i was a full fledged heroin addict homeless living on the streets of minneapolis. After i was arrested the third time i was jailed and while awaiting trial i was furlowed to a drug and alcohol treatment center. After completing the treatment i went to live in a christian based sober house where I found god and jesus came into my heart. This experience has forever changed my life. I have been sober for over one year now. Before moving to the sober house i was an agnostic and i did not know god. I am curios if i could be a teacher in mn with my record?

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Answer by anotherguy
I hope not. I wouldn’t want you around my kids. If the only options you see in life are fundamentalism and heroin addiction I wouldn’t want you around anyone’s kids.

Why do you want to be a teacher?

The serious answer is to talk to a lawyer. You won’t get a serious answer here.

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One Response to Pursuing a Career in Teaching in MN With a Criminal Record?

  • hi_sakura says:

    Likely not: Minnesota public schools are required to do a background check on all applicants. If you’ve been convicted of any crime requiring jail time, no district will hire you.

    You also need to be certified, which will require going back to college for teaching credentials. It’s possible the U will accept you, but just because you get your license doesn’t mean anyone will hire you.

    You say you’ve only been sober one year: that’s not enough time for anyone to decide what s/he wants to do with her or his life. I’m also curious why you want to go into teaching. It’s a demanding job that doesn’t come close to compensating a good teacher for all the time s/he puts in. It’s also very stressful, and is that want you want right now?

    I’ve taught English and composition for the last 8 years.

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