My Mother Is Trying to Send Me to a Christian Based Teen Drug Abuse Treatment Center!!!?

Question by : My mother is trying to send me to a christian based teen drug abuse treatment center!!!?
Some information about myself : Well I am 17 and living in Trinidad (TT) ,I was born and partially raised in america ,but then we ended up moving to brazil when I was 5 (where my mother is originally from) ,then when I was 10 we moved back to the states ,And then finally when I was 14 we moved here; to Trinidad & Tabago.

I’ve had my share with drug abuse and currently doing minor drugs (Weed,Ecstasy,Alcohol) ,I will admit that.Do I want help? No. Am I going to have to get help? Sadly Yes. I am still legally a minor and if my mother wants me to go ,I have no other choice.

My problem is she is trying to send me to a treatment facility that is very religious ,and they try to teach and preach etc. I do not believe in god ,I dont believe in any of these man made religions.It’s nonsense ,it’s fairy tales,there’s no factual proof of his existence.I’ve come to an understanding of this ever since I was little,so this isn’t some “phase” or “cool” as some may say. I know what’s reality and not reality , many others are either stuck or just not in touch with reality and want to believe in God or Allah ,because there simply scared that there might be a “hell”,I really don’t blame them it stems from society ,there brain washed.

Anyway If I put up a fight ,I’m going to be detained by police and taken there,so it really doesn’t matter , because like i said I have no choice.

How can I try to make my mother at least place me at a drug abuse center that is not religious ?

I do not want to be stuck in a place for like 3 months and being told I need to allow god into my life, having to explain to mindless sheep as to why I don’t believe in there “god” etc.

I need advice from fellow atheists. Please 🙁

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Answer by me
just stop using drugs

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11 Responses to My Mother Is Trying to Send Me to a Christian Based Teen Drug Abuse Treatment Center!!!?

  • rndyh77 says:

    I think you just need to get off drugs. You should be grateful your mother is sending you anywhere.

    I don’t believe your story, but if its true, you are likely making this up to get out of going to drug rehabilitation of any kind.

  • Fade to Black says:

    Hey yo- just do the program. Work the program…fake the religious stuff and think about getting your mind and body right. Learn your addiction triggers, why you choose to abuse, and ways that you can cope/alternative strategies. Get what you can out of it and keep and open mind.

  • Gregory says:

    you can’t make her

    you can only ask her not to send you to a religious one

  • ALETHEIA says:

    Bend like a weed in the wind,Grasshopper

  • Envy Is My God says:

    you could try very hard to explain to her that if she wants you to beat your drug addiction a secular rehab would be better than a religious one for you

  • Christina says:

    Ecstasy is NOT a “minor drug”. You’re lucky it hasn’t killed you. Just tell her you don’t want to go to a religious place. If she still makes you go there, then honestly, just put up with it. I’m an atheist too (Same age as you, as a matter of fact) and I’d rather be stuck in a religious rehab facility than not be in one at all and end up dying young.

  • ldmkc1 says:

    I agree, you need to get help. But I’ve also heard about some of these “Christian” rehab centers, they have a high track record of abuse. Find out the name of the place that your mom wants to send you to, and research it thoroughly. If you find they have a history of abuse, confront her with the evidence, and tell her you’re willing to try an another place. Otherwise, suck it up and accept it, the way you’re living now is not cool.

  • alwbsok says:

    First of all, I think you should get off the drugs. If you don’t need help with that, then prove it to your mother and get them out of your life. If you do (and there’s absolutely no shame in that), talk to your mother and tell her you want to get help, but you disagree with the religious principles of the institution. Tell her you’d willingly seek help from any secular institution. Hopefully she’ll hear you.

  • Mackenzie says:

    You pretty much have dug your own hole, here.

    Now you’re just going to have to deal with it.

    Why not just stop being stupid and putting your money into supporting a market where it goes to things like murder and ruining lives to make criminals rich?

    Clean up then you won’t have to worry about anyone making you go anywhere you don’t want to go.

  • darla says:

    The fact that you are 17 and DO NOT WANT HELP getting off of drugs says you are WAY to irrisponsible and immature to do what you want. If you wanted to be able to negotiate with your mother you needed to show more responsibility and maturity to begine with. I’m glad you have a mother who loves you enough to want to help you, you ungrateful little worm. And btw, no I’m NOT Christian but you deserve every second of your “sentence”.

  • john m says:

    Are you asking for advice from Atheist drug abusers?
    As a former drug abuser I know that you tend to lie to yourself and your question shows me that your not really wanting to quit.
    You have got a choice.
    You can go or you can be taken.
    If you had an accident and the only hosptal was a Christian hospital would you refuse to be taken there?
    Why can’t you be honest and tell them I will accept the treatment but I do not wish to be indoctrinated.Leave the room if they talk about God.
    Your delluding yourself by your own negativity.
    How do you know they’ll force God down your throat?
    As for hell,can I tell you that hell is a state of mind,and you appear to be on the verge of entering it.
    Believe in yourself….you can do that…can’t you?
    The principles of all 12 step therapy is the belief in a “Higher Power.”
    That to some people means God.To others it means your awareness within.many drug abusers lack the ability to connect to this because drug abuse is about escape and unreality.
    So you criticise someone who might have the strength and conviction to achieve a drug free life because they are spiritual or religious.
    Your Atheism blinds you to reality.
    Tell me,where within your Atheism is the strength and conviction to get you clean and whole?
    I can pray to Christ as I did and let me tell you I despise religion and I abhor anyone trying to tell me that unless I believe in this God or read that book I’m damned but within me I knew I was living totally unholy by my drug abuse.It was the self loathing and hatred of myself that brought me to my knees and made me get clean.
    I could debate with the staff and I told them my opinions on religion.It didn’t create a problem for them or for me.
    The job was for me to get clean and to understand why I did what I was doing.
    You should be grateful your mum is willing to help you.
    You seek advice from complete strangers who you don’t know and all because you petulantly disbelieve in God whilst your drug addicted.
    Come On…Waken Up!
    I hope you get clean and I know at 17 your still a child and by the time your 27 you’ll have changed again….so don’t close the door on your options.
    I’m sorry for being so direct but I have been there and I’m an ex con and drug addict and I’m 50 now…so listen to wisdom….it’s the mother of sorrow…and you need saving from that.

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