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interviews of patients cured with cupping.avi – live video interview of patients cured with “cupping” “hijamah” therapy , first patient was treated for Drug addiction and very poor conditions of health named Shafiq Ahmed from shekhupura aged about 35 years with 3 kids and a wife , now he is happy healthy and fine mashallah . second patient name is Jamal Khan from swat ,he was treated for leg pain and general health improvement and he recovered from breath problem and leg pain and lower back pain and general improvement of health . next is a kid aged about 8 years of age , was sleep walker and lately started fearing when wake up in the night , just one treatment he was cured , from sleep walking and fearing , only wake for urinateing or drinking water but no more sleep walking named abud son of Mazen Shafiq Buraiq from palastine. next is Mazen Shafiq Buraiq aged 67 and was having heart pain /angina pain and doctors advised him bypass operation , but he refused to get his chest cut in pieces and prefer to live like this , he was treated for heart pain and chest pain and pain in knees and mashallah he never felt again any kind of heart pain after the first treatment , no more heart attacks and no more medicine for heart mashallah he is going well . next is Mr.Saif ul islam baloch aged 63 years , and President of “international Cupping Foundation” he got treated with cupping for four times and his high blood pressure cured and he got only one kidney for long time but now he feel no trouble and also his eye site improved a


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  • musenett says:

    we are in? lahore , and karachi , so no one in attock in my knowledge 00923009438650 is no

    yes it is allowed for women

  • musenett says:

    00923009438650 is no
    yes it is allowed for women
    we dont know any one doing cupping in attock but hijamah? team does visit peshawar every month , you can contact them and can arrange thank you

  • aftabrulzz says:

    Can u give me the contact info? of the master n is it allowed for woman too, n is there any in attock

  • musenett says:

    yes this is in pakistand and in lahore ,? please feel free to ask any question if you have thank you very much

  • mujjuman says:

    just wondering, is? this in pakistan?

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