Does Anyone Know of a Gamblers Addiction Chat Room?

Question by Sweetie78: Does anyone know of a gamblers addiction chat room?
My best friend is hiding a gambling problem, and I need to get some advice and help for her. I told her I am worried for her and that she should go to GA but she just laughed it off and told me she was fine.

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Answer by gemma n
There is a new group set up for gamblers called gamcare i’m not sure if they have a chatroom, but I wouldn’t recommend seeking help for your friend as she will need to realise herself that she has a problem.

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  • momwantsu5 says:

    You recommended GA for your friend. Have you ever heard of or considered Gam-Anon? This is a support group much like Al-Anon. Perhaps you could benefit from attending. As a member of GA, I would recommend you going. When your friend finally hits her bottom, (and she will), this will help you to give her the support that will need.

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