Is There Any Drug Treatment Programs Available in Rosholt, South Dakota?

Question by martha: Is there any drug treatment programs available in Rosholt, South Dakota?
I’m looking for a list of different drug treatment programs in Rosholt, South Dakota because I want my cousin Nick to undergo treatment. He has been addicted to crystal meth for almost a year now and I know that I have to intervene with his addiction. Please help me find a great drug treatment program that will help Nick recover from all of this madness. Please, please… I’m his only hope.

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Answer by MicheLLe
Find an Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center
Find an alcohol and drug rehab program or an addiction treatment center. Recovery Connection offers live help 24/7. Get into an alcoholism and drug addiction treatment clinic today.

South Dakota (SD)
South Dakota (SD) addiction treatment centers local phone numbers

RAPID CITY (605) 341-3772
SIOUX FALLS (605) 332-2366

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center – Morningside Recovery – Morningside Recovery is an exclusive addiction and dual diagnosis facility providing drug and alcohol rehab, and mental health and dual diagnosis services. We specialize in alcohol and drug addiction problems coupled with mental illness such as depression and other co-occurring disorders. Our treatment center offers a variety of programs to help provide individuals and families afflicted with alcoholism and drug addiction with the support needed for the recovery process to occur. Visit us online at or call our friendly staff today (866) 303-5765


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4 Responses to Is There Any Drug Treatment Programs Available in Rosholt, South Dakota?

  • prekinpdx says:

    I don’t think you’ll find too much in Rosholt. I found this place in Watertown. Other than that, you may want to try Fargo.

    edit: here are some more links. you may want to try giving them a call.

  • lynne says:

    Personally, I think you should have intervened with the addiction a bit earlier. You said that he’s been addicted to crystal meth for almost a year and I really think that you should have done something way earlier. Ah well, better late than never, right? I know for a fact that there are some facilities which offer drug treatment programs in Rosholt because I’ve been there before. Visit the links I’ve posted below to find out. Good luck with your planned intervention and I hope everything goes well.

  • Kilia40 says:

    They love? money more than their patients.

  • AkathisiA101 says:

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    Watch abilify kills on you? tube it looks like me at this place. The client is always wrong at this place ! Nueroleptic zombie sobriety no thanks.

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