I Think I’m Developing a Sex Addiction. Does Anyone Know of Free or Low-Cost Counseling Available in NYC?

Question by harlemtj: I think I’m developing a sex addiction. Does anyone know of free or low-cost counseling available in NYC?
I’ve always been into porn as most guys are but over the last 6 months, I noticed my viewership ramping up significantly to the point where I’d be late for work some days because of it. Then, about three months ago, I stumbled on a weekly sex party in Manhattan and become a regular there. Now that I just bought a car, it’s even worse as I’ve taken to answering ads in the ‘erotic services’ section of Craigslist now and even take nightly trips up to Hunts Point in the Bronx. I feel like things are starting to spin out of control.

I have a live-in girlfriend who loves me and I’ve hidden all this from her and I’m starting to feel terrible but I can’t seem to stop. The absolute worst thing that could happen is if I catch a disease and bring it back to her. She’s the love of my life and if I lose her, it would be disastrous.

Does anyone know of any free or low-cost counseling I can receive? I obviously have some deep-seated issues I’m not dealing with properly and I need help. Thanks.

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Answer by mustlovedogs
There are many counseling centers at universities where therapists train. They usually offer free services, or very low cost. Yeshiva University may be near you, and they have a free clinic. Try checking it out online.

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2 Responses to I Think I’m Developing a Sex Addiction. Does Anyone Know of Free or Low-Cost Counseling Available in NYC?

  • Dr. van Rijn says:

    I am sorry that you have to go through a situation like this. I praise you for your honesty and willingness to help yourself. That frame of mind will ultimately heal you.

    Sexual addiction in males is a problem that some do not want to admit exists. Males have been more traditionally sexual, so society will turn a blind eye to such a thing.

    Talking to a physician you trust is the first step. They often have lists of counselors that are low or no cost (or, alternatively, on a donation basis). Often, social workers are licensed counselors and they will often help you out in that capacity.

    I wish you the best in your recovery, and do not give up hope. I have seen many cases of this in the past, and all of them have ended pleasantly.

  • Susan L says:

    check with your local mental health agency for your area or a local hospital will be able to direct you

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