Shopping Addiction?

Question by Emily A: shopping addiction?
when im bored all i think of is shopping, i can look at clothes for days!!!!!!!!!!!! is this a problem?? HELP please

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Answer by *PrettyInPink*
I don’t see it as a problem.Others might but I don’t. I’m also addicited to shopping probally more than you are. I go shopping every day and every day I have to buy atleast two things. They don’t have to be expensive but I always buy atleast two things every day. It’s kind of an ocd thing. Last weekend I spent nine hundred dollars on clothes. Every tells me I’m crazy for shopping every day and spending so much money but I see it as normal for me. I have plenty of money so why not spend it. So anyways to answer your question don’t worry a lot of people are addicited to shopping. The only reason that I can think of that shopping is a problem is if you’re spending money that you don’t have.

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YouTube probably doesn’t help my shopping addiction .. Why do beauty guru’s have infinite cash flow?! – by loomansroar (christine loomans)


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Just spent 0 on…college does NOT help my online shopping addiction. – by emilys_CU (Emily Smoot???)


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I need to be on that my shopping addiction show, maybe it would help me stop spending so much damn money. – by jorrrdan_xo (Jordan Falls)


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