How to Search for a Drug Rehab in Google


How to Search for a Drug Rehab in Google – In this 13 minute video I will show you how to find the best treatment center for you based on your desired location and ability to pay.


Calif. treasurer's wife regains child visitation

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… April following a string of bizarre public incidents that she blamed on drug abuse. Bill Lockyer, 71, the state's former attorney general and current treasurer who helped his wife with campaign funding, has filed for divorce and is seeking joint …
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Once a model, crisis imperils Portugal's drug program

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Ageing but spacious and well-kept, Lisbon's Taipas rehabilitation clinic is one of over 40 such clinics across the country, the result of Portugal's 11-year-old pioneering drugs policy which decriminalized drug use while offering free treatment and …
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State aims to toughen labor wage, tax laws

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The violations included the underpayment of workers from a Philadelphia ministry who received just $ 4 an hour to move furniture — half the state's minimum wage. While the 15 subcontractors were ordered to pay back taxes and take …
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