Are There Any Drug Treatment Programs for People Who Have No Money and No Health Insurance?

Question by Annfes: Are there any drug treatment programs for people who have no money and no health insurance?
My son and I live in Massachusetts and he is addicted to pain killers. It’s destroying his life and I don’t know what on earth to do!

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Answer by Nikki L
How old is your son? If he is under 18 he automatically qualifies for medicaid, if you cannot afford other health coverage. They pay for drug treatment in most states.

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4 Responses to Are There Any Drug Treatment Programs for People Who Have No Money and No Health Insurance?

  • chapaton says:

    Look in the phone book underneath your county. Usually it is Such and Such county department of mental health. They will set you up with medicaid/state aid and get your son the help he needs.

  • Hoops says:

    I think your son is addicted to happiness, and to cure his addiction, you need to find out what makes him happy besides pain killers.

  • gurrrly says:

    you need to phone your local residential treatment program, or a day treatment program, and ask about these services and what is their criteria for helping.

  • mollyzowiepink says:

    Is your child under 18? If so you and him go to your local Health office and apply for medicade or most states have other sources of insurance with little or no co-pay,be honest and tell them of the situation and all will be based on your income. GOOD LUCK!!!

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