What Will a Doctor Do When Notified of a Patients Prescription and Other Drug Abuse?

Question by k f: What will a doctor do when notified of a patients prescription and other drug abuse?
My sister is heavily addicted to her prescription drugs (fentanyl patch, xanax, and other assorted pain pills) along with bathsalts and meth. I called her doctor and informed them of her addiction because I am worried about the drugs interacting with each other. Does the doctor have to stop prescribing that stuff once informed of a problem or did I waste my breath informing them?

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Answer by Durward Hoff
in my life i learned that the doctor has a say in to what he gives your sister just try to take her to the narcotics anonymous so that she can learn to contain her drug addiction i’m an ex drug abuser and i was cleaned through my family taking me to the narcotics anonymous

Answer by Tick T
A doctor will continue to prescribe those medications to your sister, unless informed by HER that she has a problem, or if there are interactions. Most often, the pharmacist is the one who will check for interactions, which can be dangerous if she is using different pharmacies. My uncle passed away because he took two medications that interacted badly and since he got them from two different pharmacies, the interaction was missed.

If a drug addict goes to the ER and complains of pain, by law, they must treat the pain. Even though they are giving him what he wants, its their duty. There are ways around it, if your sister is continually showing up to the DR for medicine that she doesnt need anymore (based on lab results and symptoms etc) then he may be able to refuse treatment, but she could just find another Doctor.

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