What Causes Drug and Alcohol Addiction?


What Causes Drug and Alcohol Addiction? – In this video Dr. Mike Marino examines the causes of and effective treatment for substance abuse and addiction problems.


UH students turn to illegal drug use under pressure to succeed

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While some students use this medication for academic purposes, the intended use of Adderall is to treat ADD or ADHD, a behavioral disorder characterized by the inability to pay attention, hyperactivity and impulsive actions. Adderall, a combination of …
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UM Researchers Identify New Brain Mechanism That Causes People to Overeat

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"The same brain area we tested here is active when obese people see foods and when drug addicts see drug scenes," DiFeliceantonio said. "So it seems likely that our enkephalin findings in rats mean that this neurotransmitter may drive some forms of …
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More babies being born addicted to drugs

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It's more than 13,000 infants a year, or one drug-addicted baby born each hour. Some doctors said the increase in prescription drug abuse has something to do with it. Since prescription drugs aren't illegal, moms may not realize the harm they're …
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Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction http://t.co/5K3x2uut – by WBrowneNews (WBrowneNews™)


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Addressing underlying causes vital component of #addiction #recovery http://t.co/G9VUzv5U @socializeWP @RecoveryMonth @samhsagov @RFutures – by FCCMH (FL Council )


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