State Funded Drug Rehab for 17 Year Old?

Question by William P: state funded drug rehab for 17 year old?
daughter wants help drug use needs in house program

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Answer by ?I love my husband ?
Damn Just Put her in a Rehab System Out of Town So where
Be for She Messes up her life

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New Futures Story – Rob Winslow: Prevention & Treatment Work – Rob describes how alcohol and drug rehab programs are important to the state of NH.


Jail receives first state inspection since 2008

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The standard cited in the 2008 inspection regarding opportunity for inmates to receive alcohol and drug abuse treatment, academic training, psychological and social services and other community services also has been addressed. The jail, through a …
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Will Drug Policy Play a Role in the 2012 Elections?

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One of those progressive measures was overturning the federal ban on needle exchange funding, but the platform makes no mention or that or of the words "harm reduction." It does urge "supporting local prison-to-work programs and other initiatives to …
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  • Cavin G says:

    I know an excellent facility in South Carolina but it is state-run and it’s doubtful you’re in this state. If you need a good rehab program for her though, state-run facilities that are THREE month programs are usually the best option.

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