What Are the Emotional Effects of Drug Addiction?

Question by fRog pRinCe: What are the emotional effects of drug addiction?
or the psychological effects?
it may be a good or bad effects…

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Answer by true blue
There are no good effects of addiction. The drugs just take over your life and that’s all you can think of and all you really want. So, you lose touch with everyone and everything you ever loved. They make you emotionally empty inside.

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Drugs & Addiction : Effects of Drug Addiction in Adolescents – The effects of drug addiction on adolescents are mainly concentrated around their motivation, but drug addiction also highly influences their decision-making skills. Discover the destructive effect that drugs have on adolescents with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on drug abuse.


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RT @TPBabySteps: @Momicles2010 @MomCentralChat It’s about my father’s drug addiction and the effects it had on all of us. It preaches fo … – by MomCentralChat (Mom Central)


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@Momicles2010 @MomCentralChat It’s about my father’s drug addiction and the effects it had on all of us. It preaches forgiveness and love. – by TPBabySteps (Tunette Powell)


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Causes and Effects of Drug Addiction by Peter Parker: The causes and effects of drug addiction c… http://t.co/2seC007Y #eBooks #Kindle – by Free_UK_eBooks (Free Kindle eBooks)


8 Responses to What Are the Emotional Effects of Drug Addiction?

  • I_Spy says:

    Covering up – Providing alibis, making excuses, or doing an impaired coworker’s work rather than allowing it to be known that he or she is not meeting his or her responsibilities.

    Rationalizing – Developing reasons why the person’s continued use is understandable or acceptable.

    Withdrawing – Avoiding contact with the person with the problem.

    Blaming – Getting angry at the individual for not trying hard enough to control his or her use.

    Controlling – Trying to take responsibility for the person’s use by throwing out his or her drugs or cutting off the supply.

    Threatening – Saying that you will take action (e.g., turning the person in) if he or she does not control his or her use, but not following through when he or she continues to use.

  • QueenBee says:

    I cannot say what they are for the addicted one, but for someone that loves them?
    It is like watching pieces of them dying before your eyes, helplessly knowing the cure to the problem but not being able to give it because they won’t accept it.
    It leaves you angry, sad, worrisome and frustrated.

  • Lo. G says:

    Well your question is about drug addiction… therefore it is about a maladaptive pattern of substance use. Possibly the only good effect if there is one to speak of… is escapism, it allows the user to take a drug induced vacation from life… that is until the drug wears off. Psychological effects can vary depending the drug in question… some drugs are stimulants, while others are depressants. Some can effectively mimic psychotic symptoms… think schizophrenia or a mood disorder like depression or bipolar disorder. Marked impairment in most if not all factors of life and the worst affect is usually that it disrupts family and relationships. Hope this was useful. There is plenty good info. on NA/AA (narcotics anonymous/alcoholics anonymous) websites….

  • sweet sue says:

    Drug addiction is not just for the addict. It stops the addict at about the emotional age they were when they started. Say they start at 15, when they are 25 they are about as mature emotionally as a 15 year old with all the things that a 15 year old has to offer only skipping all the good things of a 15 year old. No drive, motivvation, social skills, no goals, difficulty with interpersonal relationships.

    Drug addiction is a family illness. The addict is not the only one hurt. Remember the ad on TV for depression, who does it hurt and it shows shots of the family and even the family dog.

    My husband was an addict. His drug of choice was pot. 5,6,7,8,9 x a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. and all the time in between. He did typical addict things like pick a fight so he could leave the house to smoke, call and say he would be late because he was out smoking with his buddies, he would drop us (me and the kids) off at the entrance to the mall and then go park and smoke sometimes leaving us for up to an hour waiting forhim. He would forget things like picking up our daughter at school and having her start walking 10 miles home at 9:00 at night. He would have long periods of unemployment and underemployment. This left me responsible for the family working to keep a roof and food on the table. He was not dependable enough to. It also cost him many jobs. I don’t know how many times he was unemployed in our 20 year marriage. But even when he was unemployed he stilll had to find all the excuses to go out to smoke and reasons why he couldn’t look for a job.

    Maybe this will give you some idea of what life with an addict is like. It destroed our marriage, both of our lives, all of our money, and left 2 young girls to be brought with a single parent working 2 jobs to support them.

    I hope this isn’t how you want to live your life and those of your family.

  • friendsforevertilyoupissmeoff says:

    its bad effects on illness and if on psych meds and can have physical damage to ur body with addiction whether on meds or if ur not and mentally emotionally can affect every day life and realtionships

  • tedkanode123 says:

    drug addiction should? be stop.

  • Intoactionrehab says:

    If we? all know the effects of addiction to adolescent.we should not be complacent in our campaign to help them

  • undertheunknown says:

    Physically, no. But mental addictions can spawn in anything. I know lots of people who get into slumps in life because of things that aren’t? ‘addictive’. I agree that mental, and physical addictoins are two drifferent categories, but mental-based addictions are addictions too.

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