Are There Any Free or Low Income Drug Treatment Centers in Houston?

Question by : Are there any free or low income drug treatment centers in Houston?
My husband needs help with substance abuse but we dont make very much money. We were wondering if there are any free or low income rehabs in Houston, Tx or if there are any programs and groups that help with assistance in these circumstances? Thank you!

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I searched and this is what came up.

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Drug Detox Programs at 449 Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Orange County, CA – Orange county based Drug Rehab center, at 855-449-4490, offers a safe drug detox program at their outpatient drug rehab center in San Clemente, CA. Specializing in a drug treatment programs for adults and teens, the Alcohol detox and drug detox programs are designed to help drug addicts to safely withdraw from a daily use of drugs. Supervised by a licensed psychiatrist in South Orange County, CA, 449Recovery’s counselors and professional drug rehab solutions are designed to help any user to live a drug free life. Located at 1401 N. El Camino Real, #106, San Clemente, CA 92672, 449 Recovery, Inc. is an outpatient drug rehab center offering 30 day to 90 day drug detox and drug rehab programs. Call us today at 855-449-4490.


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