What Aid Is Available for a Single Mother Who Is Suffering From Domestic Abuse?

Question by : What aid is available for a single mother who is suffering from domestic abuse?
Hi, I live in the Kansas City area and am currently in a abusive relationship with the father of my 10 month old child. I am completely dependent on him financially. I have been applying to jobs, and haven’t been able to land one. My plan is as soon as the lease is up (next month) I will go to a shelter since I have been unable to find work. I was thinking of going to Nursing School. I have been researching what type of resources are available for somebody in my situation. I haven’t been able to find a lot.

Also, I have been trying to find out what type of legal aid might be available since there will likely be a custody battle. We are not married. He has a good job, and recently has come into a large sum of money. I have no money, he spent my savings. Also, he is a drug addict (cocaine/marijuana/alcohol), but doesn’t have a police record. I do not have any documentation of the abuse. I’m very scared that I will loose my daughter. I have a history of depression, he says if I leave him that he will use that against me in court. He says that I’m the only woman he has ever hit, and that it will never hold up in court, because he will have his ex-girlfriends testify that he was never been violent with them.

If I could get him drug tested, I think he would just clean up for the test. You can have cocaine out of your system fast, and marijuana in a few weeks. If he know that we are going to court, I know that he will just stop using drugs until after the hearing.

Any advice is welcome, thank you so much.

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Answer by Nik
I hope things get better for you.

Maybe you shouldve gotten married to a good man….and then had children?

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  • john t says:

    document the bruises and cuts you receive when he hits you. best way is to photograph it and get a medical certificate from a nearby hospital or clinic. about the drug abuse, just report him to the police immediately when he’s using any substance. better for them to catch him red handed and/or video tape his substance and domestic abuse.

    with that kind of evidence you can have custody of the child and at the same time he needs to support your kid..

    lastly don’t forget to pray.. best wishes

  • Jan says:

    Don’t wait until the lease is up to go to a shelter,do it now. Next month might be too late. Make sure you go to a shelter for abused women.
    The shelter is the best place for you to go. Not only will they protect you,they have all the info you will need to get on your feet and the means to help you get it.
    They will help you with a lawyer and emotional support when you go to court.
    The courts will believe you about the abuse. They are used to men like him intimidating the victim. You will NOT lose your daughter. Your depression won’t be an issue unless he can prove that you would be a danger to your daughter.
    Best of luck to you. I’ve been in your shoes. Get out now before he hurts you again. And please,do not fall for his sob story that it will never happen again. It will,over and over. Get him out of your life so you and your child can have some peace.

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