Albuterol Addiction


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Kansas House moves to ease penalties for small-time drug offenders

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Primarily, it would allow judges more discretion when sentencing low-level drug offenders who have a single prior conviction on their record if they either possess small amounts of drugs for personal use or sell small quantities to support their own …
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Identity theft a relentless crime for many Kansans

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The added two-year sentence could be used, for example, against a drug trafficker who gives police a false ID. Across Kansas, thousands of people use false identification to get jobs, Anderson said. Federal prosecutors working out of the Wichita office …


Helping students stay KLEAN

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By Gale Rose Fun and games Wednesday taught Skyline Middle School students' valuable lessons about drug and alcohol abuse. The Kids Living Every Day Alcohol Drug Free Network presented an alcohol and drug addiction workshop at Skyline on Wednesday, …
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