Teens Share Their Drug Abuse Stories


Teens share their drug abuse stories


An Untold Story About Prescription Painkillers (Mine)

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But I'd like everyone who reads these stories, and other media alarms about the prescription drug abuse epidemic, to understand that there are other stories about prescription painkillers. Stories of life, and not death. Stories like mine. When I was …
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Lawmakers here stories of abuse at Department of Child Services

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INDIANAPOLIS — A grandmother from Schererville, Ind., said Indiana Department of Child Services workers ignored her pleas to keep a baby away from her drug-addicted daughter and her abusive boyfriend. An Indianapolis woman who spent two years …
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Sep 4, Residential Rehab: Residential Rehab is a place you can go to… http://t.co/BMzKWgmd #addiction #rehab – by AddictionSuport (Ned Wicker)


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Sep 4, Percocet Abuse Stories: Percocet Abuse Stories are the true stories… http://t.co/JO2fsu6A #addiction #rehab – by AddictionSuport (Ned Wicker)


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via @elaineschattner: Docs tend to overlook patients’ alcohol and drug use; new efforts to address this, @KHNews – http://t.co/Eh3o4xF7 – by MSKCC_Library (MSKCC Library)


19 Responses to Teens Share Their Drug Abuse Stories

  • Ripulse says:

    The moral? of the story is to don’t let marijuana control you.

  • Vince Ricci says:

    Keep thinking that.?

  • Jahad Davis says:

    im 17 and ive been smooking weed since i was 13? and have fins who pop bills drink and smoke cigs and all i do iz weed its called say im not pop drinking or smooking that will power

  • champignons0magiques says:

    comment? section and this video are pure disinformation

  • 4money110 says:

    blood flow only can get cut off if you have high blood pressure. and its been proven that marijauna? does not cause brain damage. actaully high dses of marijuana have been shown? to cause new cell growth in the hippocampus part of the brain. the? area area of the brain associated with memory, learning, anxiety, and depression.

  • EleventhBullet says:

    I switched off? soon as he mentioned religion

  • Zooker2255 says:

    how fake does he sound lol, “i was takin so many drugs” “cuz its everywhere n u cant hide from it” lmao u dnt have to hide nigga just say NO, ive been smoking weed for 6 years and the only other drug ive taken is x. yea people have done coke around me, they ask me u want a hit, NO my nigga. and they say? thats was up. end of story FUCK FAKE GATEWAYDRUG COMMERCIALS N SHIT

  • XUndeadGunslingerX says:

    you can never go? wrong with marijuana.. unless you get caught

  • Satanismypal666 says:

    i wunt beive u unti u do is
    Ok, here… Caffeine damages the frontal? lobes because of how it affects blood pressure. The same thing happens in marijuana accept it does more damage in the temporal lobe.

  • elad jasper says:

    bullshit? marijuana is holy

  • 840swed840 says:

    yeah METH does, but dopamine does not get released into your? brain when you smoke weed, if it did, then it would make weed very addictive and deadly, but its not. i wont believe you until u give me the study that says that it damages our brain

  • Satanismypal666 says:

    Durp. It damages a small part of your temporal lobe, Its old news and actually? happens. We have a whole system of dopamine, and meth releases dopamine… Does this make meth good?

  • 1337Subber says:

    Mythical sky? wizards

  • 840swed840 says:

    first of all, shut the FUCK UP! second, i dont have a fucking child, im just saying do your research about marijuana before you make a assumption about it! you just believe everything that your stupid fucking parents tell you. WAKE UP! your mommy and daddy have been lying to? you about weed. you cant run away from the truth, grow up and get some common knowledge you fucking bitch

  • kimberly11091 says:

    aw hell no i know u did not just call me that really u think that then social services is going to take ur child? away from both of u fucking asshole punk

  • gnarlynuggets says:

    That’s THEM. You can’t abuse weed. It’s the way you let it? affect your life. I’m doing us a favor by spreading the truth.

  • 840swed840 says:

    iv been? smoking weed for years now, and i never wanted to “experience other highs” thats the dumbest thing iv ever heard

  • 840swed840 says:

    you can abuse weed, thats the most retarded thing iv ever heard! im a huge pot advocate, and iv seen alot of my friends be retarded with weed and let it take over their lives. weed itself isnt bad, stop being the retarded pot head that makes us all? look bad

  • 840swed840 says:

    no it doesnt, you know that we have a whole system in our brains thats spacifically for marijuana and THC, look it up, there called cannabinoids, look it up if you dont believe me but stop? being so ignorant

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