Hey everyone, I had surgery about 3 years ago and it was done incorrectly and was in extreme pain for years. During that time I became addicted to prescription pain killers, Percocet. Several months ago I finally had enough and got help and decided to go for Suboxone treatment. I have been on Suboxone now for about 3 months. I really want to be opiate free and live a normal life without worrying about pills. Do you think I should stop the Suboxone cold turkey and just deal with the withdrawal for a few days or any other suggestions. I would appreciate any answers from people who have been in the same or similar situations. Thanks

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Answer by navy1
You need to see a doctor so that your detox can be properly supervised to come off the drugs, cold turkey on your own is not a good idea

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Suboxone Addiction Help – Taken from an emotional letter from a daughter to her mother in 2007, this video portrays how her mothers Suboxone and prescription pill addiction affected their relationship as she became an adult. What did the mother miss from her daughter’s life? Is there any way to salvage what’s left? Through proper treatment and help, she can end the abuse and get her life back.


Starting Suboxone

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I have questions about treatment. Do I have to be in full withdrawals when I go to see a doctor? Is it true that most doctors probably won't see me because they have too many patients already? I know Suboxone works for my withdrawals. I've stuck in …
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A Typical History

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Like many, I started out disagreeing with your comments and insight, while blaming my inability to manage my addiction on the Suboxone treatment. My active addiction to opiate pain medications was brief, about 4 months of hydrocodone/oxycodone use in …
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  • TrenchtownRockaa says:

    Hi 🙂 I, myself have a problem with opiate addiction and have used suboxone several times to get off of it. The correct way to use suboxone is to gradually ween yourself off of it by taking less and less each day. The first two days, take a whole one (also the correct way of taking it is to let it dissolve under your tongue). The third day, take a half. Then on the fourth day, you can either take half again or you can take a quarter. Next day take half of a quarter, etc, etc. If you do it correctly, you should be past all the withdrawls within a week. For me, the hard part is the mental addiction, but if its something you truly want to do, then you can! Good luck, I know its hard but you can do anything you set your mind to. =]

  • Lone says:

    Good advice from Trenchtown, the problem is you have been on it too long and you are going to have withdrawals.

    I highly doubt you can stop the sub cold turkey, but here’s a good site for you to learn how to do it and get some support.

  • phuckingemailmehere says:

    dude every doctor that has a license? to prescribe subs can have two patients on an assistant program where you get pharmacy sealed bottles of 30 8mg tablets i was getting two 30ct bottles for free due to being broke……ask about it for real…my doc switched me to methadone by my choice due to nerve damage

  • phuckingemailmehere says:

    fuck? suboxone

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