Teen Drug Abuse: Be on the Lookout for Teen Drug Abuse

The teenage years can be a time of great emotional turmoil as it is the transition from childhood to adulthood. A lot of issues such as peer pressure, search for identity, romantic and family relationships as well as school performance beset teenagers as they undergo this phase. It is inevitable that quite a large percentage of teenagers resort to drug abuse to cope with, alleviate or escape these issues. Teen drug abuse has actually become a common and prevalent phenomenon. Majority of deaths in individuals in the 15-24 age bracket are attributed to alcohol or teen drug abuse. Violent criminal acts that include, murder, assault and rape can be accounted for by teen drug abuse as well.

To combat anxiety and depression, teen drug abuse can also be a temporary coping mechanism for disturbed teenagers. A teenager with a family history of alcohol and drug abuse as well as lack of social skills are those predisposed to serious teen drug abuse, therefore these teenagers must steer clear of experimentation. It is essential that drug abuse by a teenager be prevented by providing emotional security, guidance and education to the child by the family. In fact, there is no telling as even teenagers with no family history of drug or alcohol abuse may also have a predilection to be gravely immersed in teen drug abuse.

Drug abuse if the biggest and foremost concern among children and parents as cited in the National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse. The survey was conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (Columbia University). Physical signs of teen drug abuse to be on the lookout for are nagging cough, red eyes and irregularities in eating and sleeping habits. Parents should also be suspicious when their teenager starts to behave aberrantly and becomes aloof to other members of the family. Red light warning signals on the effects of grave teen drug abuse are irritability and violent behavior, anxiety and panic attacks, lethargy and chronic bronchitis symptoms, memory loss and learning problems, frequently recurring chest colds, paranoia, teeth clenching and muscle tension, convulsions, dehydration, hypothermia, brain damage and consequently, death.

Teen drug abuse has consequential effects of the user’s mood and performance. As a result of preoccupation with teen drug abuse, a teenager can have deteriorating performance in school or in college as well as the workplace. This could actually lead to detention, suspension or dismissal. Teen drug abuse can not only negatively affect family and personal relationships but ruin them as well. Teen drug abuse can also be devastating to parents as the problem can get out of hand and their child becomes defiant and can even have deviant behavior. If you suspect your child to be into teen drug abuse, it is wise to seek the help of authorities or reputable private or government agencies that can provide guidance, counsel, support and treatment to your teenager.

Teen drug abuse may not only be a phase of experimentation in a teenager’s life, but it can possibly lead to serious and grim drug addiction until adulthood that can be debilitating and complicated to resolve. Teen drug abuse, when combated in the initial stages can lead to a better quality of life and well-being not only as a teenager, but eventually as an adult as well.

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Teen Prescription Drug Abuse On the Rise – Clip thanks to www.genericforyou.com Jason was a nationally ranked tennis player, a good student, well-groomed. His parents had no idea he was going to school and to practice walking right past their faces stoned on prescription drugs. “Modafinil, Percocets, Oxycontin, Xanax, Vicodin, Ritalin, Adderall,” he said, reeling off a list of just some of the drugs he tried since he began abusing drugs at age 13. Jay, now 17, said he had “black eyes” and “lost a lot of weight” and probably hadn’t showered in a month when he checked into The Right Step, a small drug and alcohol treatment clinic in Houston. At first, he didn’t want to be there. He is not alone. According to psychiatrist Donald Hauser, The Right Step’s medical director, pharmaceutical abuse is rampant among his young patients. “By far, the most common trend I think we’re seeing are sedative hypnotics, particularly Xanax ‘bars’ is what they call ’em and the opiates, the hydrocodone derivatives, the Vicodins, the Loracets,” Hauser said. “Almost every adolescent that comes in this program has used some of them.” National data support Hauser’s observations. Last year’s results of the Monitoring the Future study, an annual collaboration by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Michigan, found a 26 percent rise in teenage abuse of Oxycontin — a powerful opiate — since 2002. Overall, the number of teens abusing prescription drugs has tripled since 1992. There’s no shortage of ways that teens obtain


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RT @AVAproject: Case Study 2 from IPCC report: Officer raped teen who had mental health, drug probs, lived in B&B with her teen sist … – by josharpen (jo sharpen)


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RT @AVAproject: Case Study 2 from IPCC report: Officer raped teen who had mental health, drug probs, lived in B&B with her teen sist … – by ShanKilby (Shan Kilby)


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Case Study 2 from IPCC report: Officer raped teen who had mental health, drug probs, lived in B&B with her teen sister http://t.co/ek8dw42M – by AVAproject (AVA)


20 Responses to Teen Drug Abuse: Be on the Lookout for Teen Drug Abuse

  • 1ctor1a says:

    I don’t feel like i? ve missed out been sober all my life and proud

  • Pent5HT says:

    dexedrine and xanax ruined my life and? damaged my heart 🙁

  • weatherman386 says:


  • Chuck Norris says:

    LSD puts holes in your? brain.

  • xStrelok says:

    Based? on AA’s 12-steps? Religious authoritarian shitheads using the force of government disguised under a convenient excuse to shove religion down these kid’s throats. This is so fucking bad. Fuck anyone who supports the monopolies on violence (i.e. governments) and dogmas that poisons your mind (i.e. religions). Your mind can be a gift from reality if it’s faculties are used right, don’t waste it on immoral, nonsensical religious dogma.

  • Epiiiiiiiiiiic says:

    Sseriously…. Why not just? take LSD its less harmful, gives EPIC hallucinations and if u read up about LSD its less harmful then suger, i mean wtf prescription drugs are so bad for you!

  • 1waitandbleed1 says:

    I partake in the use of opiates and? benzos and I’ve never considered stealing. I do like knowing what drugs my family members use so I do look threw their stash but I’ve never taken one pill, ever.

  • i961000 says:

    I overdosed on adderall and ended? up in the E.R. I almost died. I feel so lucky to be alive.

  • valeyun says:

    anyone who has never been hooked on painpills.. and have never been pill sick.. cannot say anything about the subject.. you have? to go through it to understand. everyday. you are wondering were you are going to get your next painpill. or how your going to get the money for one. you feel like your going to go INSANE unless you get your next painer (roxy in my case). you feel so blank,bored,sad, cold chills. diareah. shakes. no sleep AT ALL. i wish i never started..i really do. ;(


    I think u cud take a bar once a month and be fine..just if u do control ur? habit

  • juniwilliams says:

    Classic anti-drug dumb ass.? Not every drug addict steals, and some actually have quite some discipline with their habit and are able to function. Not every drug is harmful to the body, especially non synthetic drugs in the right quantities. Addiction, whatever it may be to, is bad, and im pretty sure anyone can sympathize with that.. 10 years down the road when karma shoves a foot up your ass, come and revisit your comment.

  • juniwilliams says:

    yet you can’t spell “ridiculous”?

  • DanielVanVuren says:

    Adderall/Vyvanse ruined? my life.

  • macrent2 says:

    That kid said that lorazepam is? generic for Xanax! That is not true… it is Ativan! They have different chemical profiles even though they are both benzdiazepines. These kids don’t even know the difference! Fucking rediculous! Do some research!

  • MrTrollSir says:


  • rezistorXG says:

    Alcohol is more likely to lead to heavier? drugs than marijuana.

  • bryanreize1 says:

    really? wat about nicotine and alcohol,? if i didnt drink liquor i wouldnt have smoked weed, and if weed was legal and alcohol was illegal then alcohol would be considered the gateway drug. Unfortunately you have been brainwashed, an believe the government lies

  • 86Stooy says:

    Pot is the scum of drugs,it’s the gateway that leads to heavier? drugs.

  • almostskater3210 says:

    No.? Stealing is immoral. Destroying lives is immoral. Being a drug addict is not immoral.

  • nobodycantoucheminem says:

    really? its immoral? tell the pharmacys to take it off the shelf ive been there done that i have been an addict for 6 years my doctor started me on them i dont even drink after about 3 years i had to stop so they put me on suboxone to help with the withdrawls dont judge ever book by its cover i never stole i never damaged anyones lives i took them the was i was precribed an still do with the suboxone until you walk a mile in our shoes shut your? mouth an be A SUPPORTIVE ROLE MODEL!!

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