Internet Addiction?

Question by Jon L: Internet Addiction?
What kind of games or stuff online that make people become addicted?
And is it true that someone died from playing on the computer too long? Please help!
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Answer by updownpump
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And now the answer to your question…

Things online that make people become addicted.

-Runescape (1 million + are addicted)


– Multiplayer Games (Yahoo, Pogo, etc.)

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Video Game and Internet Addiction Treatment


From Twitter:

RT @ew123456: please donate one follow to help break my addiction to the internetby danni_scotty (Sauron)


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please donate one follow to help break my addiction to the internetby ew123456 (connor????)


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“Loveleen, all you do is sit here. Go have some quality family time.” “BUT-” “C’MON” My addiction to the internet is so unhealthy. #HELPby LoveleeElf (Loveleen)


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  • The Mao Edge says:


  • Yokihana says:

    Games, particularly MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft, Runescape, pogo and other site games. But its not just games that have people becoming addicted to the internet, its can be anything, some worse than others. Some people get addicted to myspace, facebook, ebay, forums, yahoo answers, porn, anything you can think of.

    And yes, its very true that people have died from playing the internet too long. Not that long ago a boy in China died and a year or two ago a boy in Korea, they didn’t eat, sleep or anything it was solid 24-hour computer runs.

    In my public speaking class last semester we did a paper on internet addiction, some of the stories we read in class were awful, everything from flunking out of college to marriages breaking up, betrayals…the internet can be a good thing or a bad thing, depening on how you use it.

  • Jptorrent004 says:

    … they? look brain dead

  • GDarBee says:

    Man That Guy In The Green? Is One Heck of a Stud

  • MrSnoopdogg64 says:

    haha true? true

  • nickallah says:

    better yet, whats? the point of anything if youre gonna kill yourself?

  • MrSnoopdogg64 says:

    are you serious man? suicidal thoughts? daily? whats the point of bodybuilding if you’re going to kill yourself?

  • gonzalez239 says:

    i still manage to have friends and hang out with them? at least 3 times a week and still have a gf ive had for a year and couple months i still go to school and i have a job if i get tthe chance to leave the house to go do something outside at the mall or whatever i go but when im home where we dont have cable the only other source of fun is a pool table i go online and play league of legends for hours….but somehow im an addict i dont see the logic in that

  • nickallah says:

    for me its, youtube,? battlefield3, gym/bodybuilding…. losing friends 1 by 1, no gf for 8 years and suicidal thoughts DAILY! thank you.

  • Kinghellblood says:

    sadly for people who have forgoted to live thier lives use video games as excuse i play nice accoustic guitar,watch movies go? out for meals gym,swiming basicly all the things these mediced idots never done along the way being a mormons sadly theres no real cure for i have bipolar i feel great i go out lots too.

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