Substance Abuse: Fighting Against Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a growing menace in the society. Anyone can be a victim of it, disregarding age, gender and ethnicity. Substance abuse can be broadly defined as the situation in which the use of a substance causes a detrimental effect on the physical and mental condition of an individual. Further, substance abuse can also have devastating effect on the financial, social and even legal standing in the society of a person.

The ‘substance’ in substance abuse can be almost anything. It can be either legal or illegal. Even the non prescribed use of prescriptive medicines has and can be termed as substance abuse. In cases of substance abuse, injections, inhaling and oral usage of the substance is common. However, sniffing and smoking of the said substance is also seen in some cases.

Maybe the most common way of substance abuse is the non prescribed use of prescribed medicines. Simply put, an overdose of sleeping pills prescribed by a doctor is substance abuse. Alternately, taking any substance into the body in any other way than as prescribed by the doctor is substance abuse.

Other than prescribed medicines, alcohol, drugs and other intoxicating substances have been abused commonly. Drug dependency, , and drug addiction are examples and also results of substance abuse.

Some of the most common substances people are dependent on are alcohol and nicotine. Alcoholics Anonymous is perhaps the most famous alcohol de-addiction support group. Alcoholics Anonymous is an informal de-addiction center for smokers who wish to quit smoking. The groups are locally found and their numbers may vary depending on the area and the regions. Alcoholics Anonymous has a program that it popularly calls as the ‘twelve step’ program, which has been known to be very effective and actually instrumental in helping alcoholics combat their alcoholism.

The reasons behind substance abuse are many. Some people may take to substance abuse simply because of peer pressure, while others may take to substance abuse to combat stress. There have been some cases where individuals have taken a liking to a taste of a certain medicine, and continued using them even they were no longer needed to be used.

The results of the consequent substance abuse are too serious to be neglected. Substance abuse seriously hampers the social life of a person. Substance abuse also comes between the family and work obligations of a person. Depending on the depth and type of substance abuse, it can also hamper the financial standing of an individual.

Substance abuse rehabilitation is therefore important for a person who is dependent on any controlled substance. It can eliminate the addiction of the person and lead him or her to a more enriched life.

Ryan Sledgehammer owns and operates and Alcoholic Treatment Program He is also a recovering substance abuse user and lost a brother to suicide from serotonin degradation caused by crystal meth abuse.

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Substance Abuse and Mental Illnesses


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  • neoflexer says:

    A better bit of advice would be: “If you have been clinically diagnosed with? depression, do not drink at all. The results are not unpredictable, they are detrimental.”

    The bio-psychological information that she started to supply neglected the neurological pathway development process. It is kind of important, and should not be overlooked by anybody that suffers from depression.

  • M200InTeRvEnTiOnPro says:

    i smoked weed once to make myself feel better, ended up trying to? kill myself. . didnt that work out great ? -.-

  • stephmc111 says:

    watching you vids make? me want to talk with my worker.

  • RAZACHILD101 says:

    Accidently? hit dislike oppss great video

  • bblchick1 says:

    thanks for addressing this!! ?

  • shotgunsmoke says:

    be great to? see you smoke a ciggy!

  • MonacoBlast says:

    I started drinking O.J. and whiskey in 7th grade. In high school I was stealing the occasional valium from my dad. Valium would be my drug of choice, but I would always? take too much. I don’t like Vicodin but I love morphine. Time for a drink.

  • StomperReed says:

    totally agree with? waynelivef6 I can definitely relate great video

  • th3inquisitiv31 says:

    good video . . . .

    Random Story: I have anxiety issues. And I went to my friend’s house,? with my favorite umbrella, on a rainy day last week. While at my friend’s house, we smoked joint after joint. I was high out of my mind and then I went home via public transit (subway and bus). When I woke up the next day, I realized that I lost the best umbrella in the world while in my altered mind state. I definitely would not have lost it if I was not high, so now am done smoking weed.

  • Hoopybluefood says:

    I get that ” doing things? I woulden’t otherwise do* thing when I’m drinking .Sometimes I get really paranoid too.

  • laurenG1814 says:

    another excellent video 🙂 ?

  • MonacoBlast says:

    Great video! One of? your best.

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