Signs of Drug Addiction: How to See the Signs of Drug Addiction – Ways to Tell if Your Child or Loved One Has a Problem

When someone turns to drug abuse or alcohol to cope with problems or fit in with others, it isn’t something that may be noticed by others right away. If you directly ask the person there is a 99 percent chance they will deny that they have an addiction problem. They may dismiss the question saying that they relax once in a while with friends using recreational drugs, but don’t have a substance abuse problem.

One clue can be to look at someone’s eyes. Does the person seem to stare out into space a lot, have bloodshot eyes or appear much less attentive than in the past? Someone who is getting high with pot may also be very much in the present moment and magnify it perceptually. In terms of a speed addiction to amphetamines, the person may seem overly hyper or energetic. People like different drugs for different effects and the signs and symptoms will vary.

If you are a parent, try to be aware if you smell a scent on your teen’s clothing after he takes a walk. Does he seem to crave his privacy? Is your child being more defensive and secretive? Are you seeing large mood shifts such as uncontrollable laughter over things that don’t seem that funny? Is there any change in study habits or school grades? Adolescents is a difficult period due to hormonal changes so some of these characteristics can also apply to normal adolescent growth.

If you are dealing with a spouse, girlfriend or parent you may suspect look at the following points. Does the person seem to be less interested in doing things with the family, participate less in their former hobbies and appear more distant to others? Are you seeing mood changes?

Try to have an honest conversation with the person. You don’t have to bring up drugs in the conversation. Just ask about what the current stress triggers are for the person you care about. Help them to open up about what is going on in their life and try to not judge. This can be a way that through the trust they will share with you the situation they are in.

The earlier drug addiction problems are treated the easier it is to stop both the physical and psychological aspects of dependency.

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Drugs & Addiction : Signs of Drug Addictions – The signs of drug addiction revolve around two key components, which are tolerance and withdrawal, but more things to observe are the time spent purchasing the drug, consuming the drug or withdrawing from the drug. Identify the signs of drug addiction with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on drug abuse.


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  • MasterSysop says:

    Your not Dave Thomas .? He makes burgers!

  • bass109 says:

    Jesus christ frees people from drug? addictions! 🙂 Jesus loves you all forever

  • AllAboutAddiction says:

    @waypor1 – I have to disagree about the? withdrawal aspect. There are many aspects completely unrelated to withdrawal that play an important part in ceasing drug use. If withdrawal was the issue, why would a drug like vivitrol work for alcoholics? It doesn’t affect GABA transmission and yet it cuts relapse probability by half… Some drugs, like heroin, have terrible withdrawal symptoms so it can seem like that’s the main factors, but people who go through detox medically relapse readily.

  • PsychotherapyAssoc says:

    Very informative.?

  • RUInternational says:

    There is hope for those who struggle with Addiction. There is a cure for addiction. Check out our Youtube Page.? Reformers Unanimous

  • EenterE says:

    Interesting, My brotherinlaw? died at 40,from this overdose.

  • miller2558 says:

    I don’t think he’s necessarily saying that tolerance and withdrawal lead to addiction, he’s saying that tolerance and withdrawal are the key components of addiction, meaning those components are frequently associated with? addiction.

  • adij76 says:

    I like the overall level of knowledge shared by this video. However, the idea that tolerance and withdrawal are the leading factors in addiction is pretty out of date.
    There are some neurological adaptations related to repeated drug use that have little to do? with tolerance or withdrawal and yet are likely to lead to addiction.

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