I Need to Find a Low Cost or Free Drug Addiction Center or Services for My Husband.?

Question by : I need to find a low cost or free drug addiction center or services for my husband.?
My husband recently confessed to having an addiction to crystal meth and I have no clue how to help him he says he has tryed to quit on his own but now realizes he needs professional help

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Answer by Narconon
I don’t know of any one free other than, perhaps, some religious based programs. Everything costs in life. Your husband must have used thousands of dollars in his addiction.

If you are looking for the best results the Narconon program is the only program in the world with the highest rate of success, well over 70%. This is over 8 times more effective than the closest competitor, whether it is a luxury rehab, like some movie stars that pay $ 20,000-$ 100,000 just to get back in less than a year, or Narconon which is maybe few thousand (I have not asked for the last 15 years) and never come back, like I did.

By the way, Narconon is perhaps the cheapest of them all and practically everything is included, except your clothes. Lodging, food (very good), vitamins, sauna, study materials, supervisors, counselors, entertainment, etc. Sometimes the students play music, act, play games, watch movies, etc. It all depends on who is there.

I had a lot of fun while I did the program. Everybody is real, the students (and notice that we do not call them patients), the supervisors. Many of the Narconon staff were addicts at some time and when they recovered they found a new purpose in life–saving other addicts, just like they were saved. And they love their work, just like I do. I’m an artist but volunteer for about 12 hrs/week all year round.

I was one of those addicts. Fortunately I found the Narconon program and never looked back.

While in the program I met all kinds of addicts, girls, boys, rich, poor, alcoholics, Heroin addicts, coke addicts, pills addicts, etc. They all recovered.

First talk to a Narconon counselor to see if there is a way to help you on your with your finances. Some of them will take insurance.

Other thing which is a must for you is to get well educated in all of the aspects of addiction. I see that you have access to a computer and internet. Go directly to the Narconon website and study right there all you can about addiction, treatment methods, what is the Narconon program, why is the best choice, what are all of the steps, what are the new skills a student will reach in order to conquer not only his addiction but also succeed in life and become honest and a valuable asset to himself and others.

I could go on but in fact you can learn much more than I could write here just by going to the Narconon website and study all you can about it. Also, I recommend that you reed or watch the success stories of addicts that recovered.

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