Shopping Addiction – Part 1


Shopping Addiction – part 1 – we take to the streets of Camden, attempting to help poeple with their shopping addiction


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RT @Gretsi_J: i think i may have an addiction to online shopping… #helpby killermdawg (Monica?)


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RT @Gretsi_J: i think i may have an addiction to online shopping… #helpby Niamh_Chambers (Niamh Chambers)


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i think i may have an addiction to online shopping… #helpby Gretsi_J (Greta James)


15 Responses to Shopping Addiction – Part 1

  • EradicationSpecimen says:

    it’s? called EGO

  • tck661s says:

    If people stopped purchasing goods and services the economy? would come to a grinding halt.

  • TheaDragonSpirit says:


  • gtarules1 says:

    1:35 – I don’t do any of that shit! ?

  • Radioismybomb says:

    3.08 a fine example of the “PAIN BODY”. you tube Eckhart Tolle’s “The pain body is seductive”. A? MUST SEE !! Nice one Danny, ps Ripley is a sexy gorgous..HOT!! Namaste

  • WinstonSmithsBrain says:

    The best? things in Life are Free. Like Danny’s Videos!!!

  • Dyais says:

    absolutely love? this guy…

  • jackthelad101 says:

    i think that guy was really sad and that is his way off expressing his sadness of putting it on other people. keep up the fun? danny and never stop smiling because people love it..dont let the sad ones get to you 😀

  • LewesMusic says:

    I don’t really know if it’s better or worse, but when you come down for your heroin high, your are left with nothing else than the craving for another dose. When? you go home from a shopping spree, at least you’ve got a bagful of clothes or whatever…

  • psyconall says:

    Hahaha that stall owners t-shirt had the? cookie monster doing coke

  • peterjol says:

    When I was young my girlfriends hated it because they could never get me to go ‘shopping’ with them. I have never had the slightest? interest in walking around shops.

  • desoge says:

    Anybody know why these videos and cveitch’s are buffering so slowly? I smell a conspiracy!!! :p
    Just kidding by the way… about the? conspiracy. And sorry for having to clearly state that, I do it because many don’t understand sarcasm anymore.

  • 2ndSTARMAN says:

    I call it plutopium. A hidden? drug

  • stephen22564 says:

    aren’t we strange creatures ?
    ww question the actions of another but hate it if they question us
    all those planks in the eyes i guess
    seriously we are addicted to aquiring things for that short fix of a new experience [ though usually it is the same thing in new clothes ]
    i try to keep my purchasing to a limit and concentrate more? on living than consuming

  • smickle1111 says:

    Time for a new veitch and danny vid? 🙂 pleeeeeeease

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