Is There a Christian Drug Treatment Center in Seguin, Texas?

Question by tanyakaia: Is there a christian drug treatment center in Seguin, Texas?
My friend is going to a christian treatment center in Seguin but he wasn’t told the name of it and I can’t find anything listed when I do a search for treatment centers there. Does anyone have a clue a bout this place and possibly where I could find information? Thanks!

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Christian Drug Treatment Center Will Assit You To Triumph Over You Drug Addiction – As a Christian Drug Treatment Center, Transformations Treatment Center holds its clients’ as well as faculty’s standards at a higher level. Offering a top of the line drug treatment facility and alcohol treatment facility, it prides them in giving tremendous service to their clients. If you want to get over come and triumph over your drug addiction or alcohol addiction contact Transformation Treatment Center and they will show you the best way to go about starting a sober life.


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  • Nessa says:

    This page lists all the types of centers in Seguin.

    Guadalupe Valley Hospital–Teddy Buerger Center/ Mental Health
    1215 E. Court, Seguin, TX 78155 (830) 401-7367
    This program features outpatient counseling for all ages for both chemical
    dependency and mental illness. This program is affiliated with the hospital and accepts

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