Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs


Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs – Outpatient drug treatment programs – Using transitional therapy and housing to ensure recovery www.therecoveryplace.net (877) 903-2532 Outpatient drug treatment at The Recovery Place is successful due to the focus on life skills and progressive transition of care. Many residential drug and alcohol treatment centers cut their clients loose at the end of 30 or more days, with no transitional care. The Recovery Place knows that this method refuses to follow this destructive treatment modality in their drug treatment and rehabilitation. Once clients finish treatment in The Recovery Place residential drug rehab program, they transition to progressively independent living facilities. The TRP outpatient drug treatment program focuses on life skills management that is crucial if the addict is to remain clean. John, CEO of The Recovery Place explains, “Our community housing facility is where all of our patients live. They do grocery shopping, they eat together. They doing all of the things they didn’t do when abusing. ” John has been clean and sober for 10 years, and has a personal understanding of what works. As clients require less structure, they move into sober living housing, where they manage activities and chores with their peers.


Deaths at Scientology drug treatment program Narconon bring investigation

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Already shaken by a series of high-level defections, accounts of abuse among its staffers, and the high-profile breakup of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the Church of Scientology now faces scrutiny over its controversial drug treatment program, Narconon …
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Drug Problem Will Be Fought With Regional Approach

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New drug treatment programs are the focus of Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin's plan to … "They will be different programs and obviously if there's additional need from one region to another people can go to a different region for the particular kind of …
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