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North Carolina Drug Rehab – North Carolina has one of the fastest growing populations: It is currently the 10th most populated state in the United States. The US Census Bureau estimated the population at nearly 9.1 million during 2007 and projected that by 2025 the state will have 11.4 million residents, ranking it as the 8th largest state in the nation. One of the factors fueling the population growth is the rate of migration of Spanish-speaking, specifically Mexican, nationals to the state. The Mexican population had traditionally been a migrant population that worked in the agriculture-based industries, but now is a permanent segment of the population, capitalizing on the many job opportunities available in the state. Though most immigrants themselves are not involved in drug trafficking, their presence allows Mexican drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs) to conceal their presence and activities within immigrant communities in numerous North Carolina counties, frequently conducting local parceling to mid-level Caucasian and African-American distributors, as well as to out-of-state distributors. Many of the Mexican DTOs are poly-drug distributors of cocaine hydrochloride (HCl), Ice, marijuana, and heroin. North Carolina residents are in need of North Carolina Drug Rehabs, and this student graduated successfuly from North Carolina at Narconon. http Category: Nonprofits & Activism Tags: drug rehab north carolina drug abuse north carolina treatment


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