Do You Think Alcohol & Drug Abuse Are More Common Among Richer or Poorer Teens?

Question by : Do you think alcohol & drug abuse are more common among richer or poorer teens?
I have to write an essay for psychology class and I cant choose a side.

Rich teen have the money for drugs and alcohol, and poor teens may face more problems than richer need which leads them to do drugs & alcohol. What do you think?

Thanks for your help!
If you think its stupid then why answer it? I just need help with my homework lol…

Best answer:

Answer by sophie
No offense but this question is stupid. Money don’t have anything to do with anything

What do you think? Answer below!



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@jimster_310 @lamerameraa We work to help prevent drug alcohol and other substance abuse in our school n comunity we go on trips n fun stuff – by itssmofun (Monique )


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Actress Janine Turner will help raise money for the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse of the Coastal Bend. – by Action10News (KZTV Action 10 News)


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RT @DarienPaigex0: Last year this lady called me down and asked if I need help with my drug and alcohol abuse…….#nothanks – by NicoleeeeDaniel (Nicole Daniel)


10 Responses to Do You Think Alcohol & Drug Abuse Are More Common Among Richer or Poorer Teens?

  • Breathe. says:

    I don’t think the economic standing has anything to do with it. Both sides face the peer pressure so it’s rampant among teens from any type of family.

  • Furthur says:

    What do you mean, “do you think”? This isn’t an opinion. There is a right or wrong answer. Do some research.. don’t assume.

  • iHeart. says:

    It seems like if the poor person is living out in the streets, they’re more vulnerable to get into drugs and alcohol because they’re living out in the streets. Someone who has money can commit such acts as well because of their wealth. When they do get in trouble, it’s easy for the to cover it up because they have money. Peer pressure and threats both do exsist in both factors.

  • jø???? says:

    I don’t think money has that much to do with anything.

    Sure, if they’re rich they’ll have the money, but they would also have everything they wanted and would be less vaurnable.

    A poor person could have a family who supports them also.

    I would take a nutreal side, if that’s possible.

    But if you have to choose, I would choose poor. They would most likely be faced with some sort of hardship and have to have sone sort of escape. Alcohol and drugs would be their escape.

    That doesn’t mean there aren’t any rich drug addicts.

    Try to create a compare and contrast essay. That way you could tell how drugs and alcohol effect both sides. Since you asked for a side though, it’s probable not possible.

    Anyway, I hope I helped! It was kind of hard to put this into words..

    Jordan 🙂

  • lA ANGEliTA [?] says:

    Where I live, it’s definitely more poorer teens. Richer teens are catching up but poorer teens are way too many steps ahead of them, no doubt.

  • FunKills1969 says:

    Iboga is cheaper and far more effective. They all know this. ?

  • mariloubrockmann says:

    Very interesting.? The video content is worth watching. Thanks for sharing

  • digdeepintoinfo says:

    I? have tried biofeedback. It has been good for depression but only slightly improved my OCD trichmillomania.

  • love83forever says:

    is that his own hair???? (The? first guy)

  • drmom5 says:

    Neurofeedback is? behavior modification at its most basic level.

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