MARR Outcome Study (Addiction Treatment)


MARR Outcome Study (Addiction Treatment) – Every year, MARR conducts an Outcome Study to measure our effectiveness and track trends with comparable programs. The 2009 Study draws data from the Assessment Department, the Men’s Center, the Women’s Center, TRADITIONS, Right Side Up and the Family Program. While one may not normally think of numbers and studies as particularly thrilling, this year’s outcomes have really given us some news to be excited about.


Treatment shows promise to slow Alzheimer's progression

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An experimental Alzheimer's drug treatment has shown promising signs while failing to meet other primary goals of changing patient functioning, Eli Lilly and Co. announced Friday. Eli Lilly and Co. … drug trial. Eli Lilly reported the trial didn't …
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Cancer drug helps patient despite faltering in trials

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The study shows that while a drug may have been unsuccessful overall, it may point to a change in direction for how treatments are chosen for individual patients. A case "where you have rare responses to these drugs brings up … "In my opinion, the …
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