Drug Addiction?

Question by mia333: Drug addiction?
Please help!!! My best friend came to me with a problem that i had no idea was going on. She has been addicted to a pill called ultram for 3 years. She said the moment she wakes up she takes it and takes about 7 a day. I thought she’d be dead by now! She knows she has a problem and wants to get help, but the problem is that she has a 1 year old son and is in college. She said she couldnt afford going to treatment. She couldnt bear with the fact of someone else having to take care of her son knowing that she was in a rehab. So what i wanted to ask if there is a possibility to recover without going away to rehab or something. Are there any recoverers out there that can help me help my friend. Also her doctors prescribes her this medicine and it’s not even a narcotic (or so she said) so im also wondering if you had to rate would you think this drug to be a little better than vicoden or anything like that?

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Answer by Dennis J
Ultram is a type of narcotic-like oral pain reliever that is often prescribed to treat low back pain. Ultram (tramadol) was approved by the FDA in 1998 and acts centrally (in the brain) to modulate the sensation of pain; it is not an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) does not have the anti-inflammatory effect of an NSAID, however. Its mechanism of action is similar to acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol), but Ultram is a stronger pain reliever than acetaminophen and has a weak narcotic effect.

i copyed and pasted that shes lying and its just as bad as vicodin

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  • Lek says:

    if its a non narcotic im really not sure…i mean for opiates they have something called saboxin (don’t know if i spelled that right) but its an opiate blocker and it helps the person not to go through withdrawl…but you have to get a doctor to give it to you, and im pretty sure the only doctors that give that out are the rehab ones.

    I don’t know what her symptoms are, and i definately think she should just suck it up for her sons sake and just go to Rehab (its gonna hurt him WAY more if she stays a drug addict, than if she lets someone else watch him for a little while till shes better….she might say its because of her son that she wont go to rehab, but everyone who is addicted to something like that makes up excuses not to go because they are scared)

    If there’s NO possible way that you can get her to go, than i would say she can try like weening herself off of them, by taking less and less a day untill her body isnt as dependant on them, and than hopefully she’ll get to the point where she can not take any anymore. Its really hard to get off of stuff like that.

    I had an ex fiance who is addicted to pain killers, he quit a billion times (and told me he wasnt takin them anymore), he never wanted to go to rehab, always thought he could get off them by himself. Hes still addicted, and guess what, he doesnt have a fiance anymore.

    I mean she obviously knows that she has a problem, and does want to change, but let me give you alittle advice about people like that, they reach out to you for answers, you help them in every possible way that you can, and usually they go right back….or they start lieing to you telling you they aren’t taking them when they are.

    I’ve tried to help soooo many people…and you know what i realised….Get away from those kinds of people, cuz they aren’t going to change, and they are EXTREAMLY selfish. The drugs make them that way….

    So help her out all you can, but don’t be suprised if she doesnt get alot worse before she gets any better. Most of the people i’ve seen had to hit rock bottom before they’d suck up their pride and do something real to try to help themselves.

  • granny says:

    Allright! If she feels she doesn’t need this for her health, she sounds like i did, she is gettin a guilty conscience for something she is doing that is wrong. I don’t know what that medicine is she is taking but to make her feel better, tell her to cut down at least 1/2 and then 1 pill a day, and wean herself off them. she will feel better about herself then and not feel guilty about raising her child. she can do this by herself. Good Luck, and many happy years with her child.

  • Jamison says:

    You should look into to suboxone treatment. Its for opiate dependents. You dont have to go to rehab or anything like that. You need to find a certified doctor in your area who prescribes it. It usually costs $ 350.00 for the initial visit and $ 100.00 per visit thereafter.

    http://www.suboxone.com/ this will help you understand everything.

    http://www.naabt.org/patient_doctor/splash.cfm this will help you find a doctor.

    I hope this helps your friend…

  • lucys_diamonds says:

    Im a recovering addict myself.

    Not being able to afford treatment is an excuse…I havnt paid for one treatment, and i went through a 90 inpatient last june and then to a treatment center, ( I relapsed after 8 months sober,), for 6 days only to medical detox about two months ago. I DONT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE, OR ANY MONEY and i got the help i needed. Call you’re city health centers and see what kind of funding or assistance they can help her with, its out there. It may take a few phone calls to get it, but its out there and WORTH the time and effort.

    yes, there is a way she can recover without going away to treatment.
    shes probably going to want to go to a detox center to get the support she needs while shes going through withdrawls. but Im sure she could go to a treatment center for less than a week just to detox.

    Then there’s Alcoholics Anoymonous or Narcotics Anoynmous. My drug of choice is Heroin, and yes I go to A.A. more than N.A., just because there are more A.A. meetings available. The program has worked miricles for many people. I get skeptical about it sometimes, BUuuuuuT, I KNOW that when I was regularily attending meetings (one meeting a day) i was sober and starting to feel happy. A few weeks after I slacked on my meetings, and eventually stopped going, I started getting high again.

    I would recommend treatment though…im not a doctor but, it cant hurt. Addiction is a serious disease.. and I think if she wants to do the best thing for her child, she should put her sobriety first and do whatever it takes to get on the right path, so she can be alive physically and emotionlly to care and love her child.
    College can wait.
    If she continues on the path of addiction without help, she will lose everything….

    start making those calls!
    look online! google your city and “substance abuse” and call a number that pops up.
    I dunno what numbers to give you cause im not sure what city you’re in.

    I hope I was some help.

  • Andriy says:

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  • ezhumalai91 says:

    I got help with my sober living by calling 877-263-3402 . It? really helped me out

  • 82Mruptown says:

    you can’t purchase a disease and have it one minute and don’t have it the next.
    nobody force you to do drugs,and nobody should? help you get off it but yourself.

  • zxzcarrzxz1 says:

    See your wrong, i was a addict? of heroin and its a deaise

  • 82Mruptown says:

    i’m sorry but i don’t feel sorry for? drug addicts it’s your own fault

  • LemonZeppelin says:

    I tried cocaine because I felt left out at a party, back in April. That’s the fucked up thing. I always said that I would never do drugs, then I did them out of choice, to? fit in. Now I’m fighting to not go back to it.

  • Hector Pena says:

    good job? bro!

  • ilie marin says:

    888-457-0622 – Call for fast drug addiction recovery ?

  • imawakeish says:

    haha…….. have you !??

  • IndeExo says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for this video. I started snorting oxycodones in highschool, bout 4 or 5 at a time daily, i stopped but now im in college? and im starting to use cocaine more and more frequently. I need to stop before it gets worse

  • Josh Kerney says:

    that’s great but have you ever? sucked cock for it?

  • 139emrespawn says:

    Great for you man! ?

  • StoryBookCorner says:

    I like this video, the best part is the truth, may all? the good things in life head your way.

  • BassMasterFilms says:

    Good? for u man

  • axelle32 says:

    Good? for you man. And this is a great video. 😉

  • VillianyCricket says:

    good for you man, your message is awesome, I’ve been sober since june 16th 2010.? Please upload more videos…tell us how you did it!

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