How Will I Get More Information About the Drug Rehabs in Lockhart, Texas?

Question by celest df: How will I get more information about the drug rehabs in Lockhart, Texas?
I don’t even know how I’m going to find drug rehabs here. It’s just that my cousin really needs to get himself treated for his drug addiction. I really want to help.

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Answer by delia w
There are lots of ways to find drug rehabs in your area. One good way to get recommendations and suggestions is to go to the doctor. It would be better if you bring your cousin along so the doctor can take a look at him as well and tell you what kind of treatment program he needs. You can also check out the links that I have included below. These might be able to help you in your search. I hope your cousin gets treated soon. Good luck!

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  • Randy D says:

    Years ago there was the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (TCADA). Its name has changed, but since I’m now retired from mental health / substance abuse profession, I can’t remember what the new name is. I think the name for the professionals in that field is Addictions Counselor, and so I bet there is a Commission or somesuch in Austin under that title and you can call and get all sorts of information. Delia W had a good answer too, in that there are most likely several M.D.s in your area that know the names and locations of such treatment places, and, ironically, Lockhart’s city police and county sheriff’s office probably know of such treatment facilities. Don’t be afraid to call them. My experience with the ones here in northeast Texas are that they’d much rather see somebody in treatment than under arrest. So, reach out and call someone. They’re out there, in numbers, so call. God Bless you.

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