Drug Use Wichita: Do Minnesota Criminal Records Prove It’s a Safer State Than California?

This season, on the CW network, a television series, called Beverly Hills 90210, began. In the series, a family from Wichita moves to Beverly Hills. Although the father grew up in California, the family finds that life in California is much different than life in Kansas. In the nineties, the original Beverly Hills 90210 was very popular. In that series, a family moved from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills. They also found that life was very different in each of the cities. In the show, life in California was very fast-paced compared to life in Minnesota. Teens were spoiled, able to charge thousands of dollars on their parents’ plastic. Underage drinking and drug use were among many of the problems that the show portrayed, along with shoplifting and other crimes. Was the show simply the fictional work of the writer, or were the episodes pulled from real life? How do Minnesota criminal records compare with those of California?

In 2007, Minnesota was the nineteenth safest state to live in, while California ranked forty-second. In 2006, the overall crime rate in Minnesota was seven percent lower than the national average, while the overall crime rate for California was one percent higher. In Minnesota, property crimes accounted for ninety-one percent of all crime committed – five percent lower than the national average. In California, the percentage of reported crimes involving property was eighty-five – two percent lower than the national average. That doesn’t indicate a big gap, but when it came to violent crime, there was a big difference. In Minnesota, nine percent of all reported crime was violent in nature – twenty-four percent lower than the national average. In California, fourteen percent of all crimes committed were violent in nature – twenty-three percent higher than the national average. That is a huge difference. Therefore, Minnesota criminal records show that the state is safer than California. However, that is a state to state comparison. What happens when you compare the two cities?

In 2006 – the same year – the murder rate for Minneapolis was 15.2, the murder rate for Beverly Hills was 0, and the murder rate for the nation was 7. Minneapolis’ robbery rate was 806.8, Beverly Hills’ robbery rate was 231.7, and the United States’ robbery rate was 205.8. The rate for aggravated assaults in Minneapolis was 755.7, the rate for aggravated assaults in Beverly Hills was 130, and the aggravated assault rate for the country was 336.5. Minneapolis’ burglary rate was 1552.3, Beverly Hills’ burglary rate was 771.3, and the United States’ burglary rate was 813.2. The rate for larceny thefts in Minneapolis was 3493.2, the rate for larceny thefts in Beverly Hills was 2059.7, and the rate for larceny thefts for the country was 2601.7. The vehicle theft rate for Minneapolis was 965.9, the vehicle theft rate for Beverly Hills was 155.4, and the vehicle theft rate for the country was 501.5. Minneapolis Minnesota criminal records show that the city not only had higher crime rates than those of Beverly Hills California, but they were also higher than the average crime rates for the nation. Minnesota as a whole may be safer than California as a whole, but Minneapolis is not safer. Teens may use their parents’ credit cards more in Beverly Hills than they do in Minneapolis, but when it comes to crime, far more takes place in Minneapolis than in Beverly Hills.



The CIA’s Involvement in Drug Trafficking – This short documentary is evidence that proves The CIA has been importing drugs into our country.


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  • terrelsucks says:


  • ThePeopleneedhelp says:

    UNBELIEVABLE ? but weeds ilegal ?


    whoever made this documentary? is on crack, the editing is ridiculous, i think im having a seizure, BYE

  • goldeelocs252 says:

    ATTENTION: if you sell drugs you? can now say your an independent contractor for the cia

  • Weltgeist13 says:

    CIA = Vatican (the Roman Catholic? church)

  • kinstube says:


  • onstageagain says:

    Its a sorry testimony to the corruption of Mexican gov’t that President Calderon continues to play up to Obama when it’s clear to EVERYONE Else on Planet? Earth, Obama’s Crook County? Mafia is totally behind the BATF’s Fast & Furious Gunwalker supply of guns to Mexican border bandits.
    Calderone is either stupid, powerless,or both if he doesn’t see Obama is actively destabilizing him by playing undercover games with Mexican drug lords. Keeping drugs illegal in the USA is BIG BUSINESS.

  • BubbleSmoker1 says:

    GOD has the? most power

  • JustBrint32 says:

    This country was & still is currupt but what can we do ! It’s all about who’s got the most power !?

  • insearchoftruth07 says:

    They also need to investigate Newt Gingrich and other U.S. politicians …who are still destroying America and its? citizens with drugs, and have created gangs and mental illness.

  • machetazo713 says:

    need to get rid? of them son of bitches name illuminatis and racism

  • JeffJ1974 says:

    The kerry report proved that the state department and CIA knew about drug trading going to raise money to fight? wars, yet who went to Prison?

  • tripethreatMD says:

    most of the stuff in that vidio is probably true but the presntation eg. music,? editing and tripy weird shit behind there head makes alot of it look like conspiracy bullshit, im not saying i dont agree with the infomation but if you changed some of it and made it look more profecinal you would increese the chances of people taking note to it.

  • alkqnmuneka says:

    The idea is to kill and sick as meny ppl as posible drugs alcohol vaccination chemtrail water food haarp get it??? It’s time for change, the best intelligence its the peoples, knowledge is free

  • diptdipt says:

    In all this game,? the devil is losing and at the end will be accused of everything because GOD don’t want any rivals. Conclusion: live at the full in the freedom of GOD (praying in a right form, following the INSTRUCTIONS in the Bible – keeping the 10 commandments – including keeping the Saturday as the 7th day etc.) instead of in the incapacity and limited power of devil because he is just a temporary puppet. Jesus Christ is our savior and our hope!

  • StratoBlaster420 says:

    The Government is corrupt.? Kill yourself.

  • SAMKREATOR says:

    NO, FUCK YOU!!?

  • quangngy says:

    I’d also like to add that I ran across this video from another video about Ron Paul talking about the CIA’s involvement with Cocaine trafficking? if that tells u anything.

  • quangngy says:

    You say I don’t know enough about this country, but you don’t know enough about me to make those kinds of baseless assumptions. America may not be perfect, and it may not be going in the right direction but it is a beacon of hope and freedom and a refuge for the oppressed. I do not think you realize what you are saying? with your comment.

  • StratoBlaster420 says:

    You don’t know enough about this country. We are the most corrupt, evil, destructive nation on the planet. This is coming from someone that? would consider himself a patriot. I love my country more than anything but I despise my government more than anything.

  • quangngy says:

    naw,? fuck you dude.

  • jessyrules1000 says:

    when? i think coaine i thin

  • luvbootys says:

    john kerry was most likely behind it to he is mem
    ber of skull and bones same as george bush
    and his? dad

  • luvbootys says:

    john kerry was most likely behind it to he is? menber of skull and bones same as george bush
    and his dad

  • MannySteinerBIeeky says:

    – well, the OSS (and it’s Spear logo…) changed into the CIA, the SS (uncorrupted) is basically Teutonic Knights – hence the Templar deathshead,

    the rumored white-knight CIA are the good guys that realised during the LSD truth-drugs experiments what LSD actually was, and set about getting people? turned onto it – the evil corrupt part were responsible for the scare stories and making psychedelics illegal etc.

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