Drug Rehab Centers in Florida?

Question by jgroover85: Drug Rehab Centers in Florida?
I need to find a Inpatient Drug Rehab Program that has a payment program or price goes by your income. I have absolutely NO INSURANCE and i am not rich so i cant pay 20,000 for a program. I don’t need just a detox center, i need a detox center with a drug rehab program thatc’s inpatient. Please help i need help immediately and i am not rich. I will give 5 STARS to the best answer

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Answer by George L
try….GOOGLE!!! seriusoly try google and type “drug rehab in florida” and call a bunch of them and ask their pricing!

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Unity Drug Rehab Center in Florida Dual Diagnosis Holistic Treatment – Unity Recovery Center in Florida provides the highest quality, personalized treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism available at an affordable price. At Unity, our focus is on the individual. Every client arrives at our treatment center with their own specific problems and needs and we address them all…individually.


Rehab center under inquiry

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Rehab center under inquiry. WAUCHULA, Fla. — A Florida brain-injury center facing allegations of abuse has been ordered to move dozens of its patients to other facilities, according to a state report released Thursday. The Florida Institute for …
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