Drug Addiction?

Question by tnt: drug addiction?
My sister in law recently has started to shoot up crystal, she has been smoking it for years but now has taken it to another level. Does anyone possibly know what the withdrawl symptoms are? I have tried looking it up online but I don’t hAve the time to read through all the studies and stuff that come before them.

Any help, feedback or suggestions would be most helpful.
she has been into rehab a few times. When she first gets out she does really well but eventually goes right back.

We can only do so much. We are really scared for her.

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Answer by dancer14
tell her she needs to stop and try to get her help asap
good luck! <3333

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Decriminalise cannabis, ecstasy to curb addiction: report

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A national report into illicit drugs has recommended decriminalising ecstasy and cannabis under a government-controlled program aimed at helping to curb addiction. The 52-page report on alternatives to prohibition, by the Australia 21 group, was …
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RT @daaredaare: #IfYouOnlyKnew how much i wish i actually had both my parents, i hate my dad but i wish he could help his drug addiction.. – by im_aparadox (Eddie Robinson)


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#IfYouOnlyKnew how much i wish i actually had both my parents, i hate my dad but i wish he could help his drug addiction.. – by daaredaare (Darian Umbenhauer)


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We support programs 4 women in recovery from drug/alcohol addiction– providing life skills help: confidence, self sufficiency & employment – by Redlegacyhope (Red Legacy Recovery )


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  • Meesh C says:

    Train spotting . Basically the same thing.

  • StangGirl says:

    fatigue, long, disturbed periods of sleep, irritability, intense hunger, moderate to severe depression, psychotic reactions, anxiety.

    depending on how long she’s been using, the symptoms could last longer than someone who is only a moderate user.

    if she’s planning on detox’ing, put her someplace she’ll be safe like a detox or a theraputic rehabilitation community. it takes a lot of emotional strength to watch a loved one go through this process and it’s quite disturbing.

    good luck hun

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