Drug Abuse Treatment Statistics: Choosing a Drug Abuse Treatment Program That Best Suits You

With the growing number of drug abuse cases there is a lot of chaos related to it. In trying to deal with a drug abuse issue people often decide on the solution, most of the time, based on the recommendations and that only enhances the failure rates.

Majority of people who get referred to drug abuse treatment or rehab centers only tend to encounter failures or quit the program half way through. Well, it is imperative to understand what suits others does not necessarily suit you.

Traditional rehabs are outdated as opposed to non-traditional methods. It would be wise to obtain the statistics first and then choose the program that you want to participate in. Gauge the best chances for success by knowing the facts first.

In looking through the drug abuse treatment options let us get one thing clear – based on the drugs abused there could be other drugs involved to make the treatment process effective. Good examples of this would be Methadone and Buprenorphine that help with treatment of opioid addiction.

Then again, no one treatment option suits all. Every drug addict needs to be evaluated independently and a treatment program need to be tailor made accordingly. Likewise, the treatment process should address the issues that led to the addiction in the first place. For instance, there are people who turn to prescription drugs/alcohol in an attempt to freeze some emotional issues or to tolerate pain.

Again, there are drug abuse cases in conjunction with an existing mental illness. Many a time, mental issues are left undiagnosed, misinterpreted and the drugs given to treat such disorders have been mishandled leading to chronic dependency.

It is relatively a cumbersome process to ease the withdrawal associated with the drug usage. In fact, the drawback with treatment programs that use substitute drugs to aid with withdrawal is the abuser eventually getting addicted to the substitute drug. Hence, the treatment program needs to be a blend of behavior modification therapy along with counseling and gradual weaning of the medication, which facilitates for lasting abstinence.

So having thrown some light on the kind of drug abuse treatment options lets us take a quick look at some types of treatment programs on offer. Well, to start with some treatment programs could be inpatient programs while the other expects regular attendance at the outpatient facility.

Centers also offer something called family therapies wherein the whole family actively participates in the treatment plan to help their loved ones. Centers also do offer 24-hour hotline services in case of any emergency.

There are residential treatment programs for chronic users requiring treatment for a prolonged period of time. Here the abuser learns to interact with the other inmates and simultaneously gets treated for other existing drug-related conditions.

A few good examples would HIV/AIDS or hepatitis that often accompanies drug addiction or gets contracted resulting from drug abuse. Addicts who put in genuine efforts in eradicating the problem go on and seek help at good centers.

And now I invite you to learn more about a Christian Rehab. Please call one of our admission coordinators today for assistance. The number is 888-469-8777. Choosing to attend a Christian Treatment Center recovery program it can be difficult choice to make because you need to figure out which of the programs best suits you and your needs. It really needs to be an individual substance abuse treatment program for it to be highly effective.

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