24 Hour Drug Abuse Helpline: Objective of Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab and Dual Diagnosis Programs

The main objective of drug rehab programs is to free you from the bondage of drug abuse and alcoholism. These programs help you to discover newer ways to live without the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Different drug rehab, alcohol rehab and dual diagnosis programs offer various types of addiction recovery programs to treat the disease. Here is some information that may help you for selecting the right drug rehab program or dual diagnosis treatment center.

Consult a good addiction treatment specialist for finding a suitable dual diagnosis program or alcohol rehab. Doctors and drug rehab specialists will study your case and conduct certain tests on you to find out a suitable drug rehab program for you. Every individual has a unique history to the disease. Hence, the drug rehab program or alcohol rehab program must be tailor-made to suit your case.

Generally, the drug rehab programs and alcohol rehab programs include services such as inpatient detox, residential treatment, medication, diet, exercise, counseling, and community activity.

Depending upon your case, doctors will recommend the services that need to be included in the alcohol rehab program designed for you. The doctors would advise you to join either the “outpatient addiction treatment program” or the “residential inpatient treatment program” depending on your intensity of dependency. Here are some details about both the options.

Outpatient Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab Program

If you do not have a long history of alcoholism or drug abuse, an outpatient addiction recovery treatment program might be the correct option. You might need counseling and guidance as a part of your treatment.

Outpatient addiction recovery programs are a suitable option for the treatment of the disease at its early stage. This program is recommended for those individuals, whose occupational and family environments are intact and for those who demonstrate a high degree of commitment to quit alcohol. This program provides adequate support service for your day-to-day life.

Inpatient Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab or Dual Diagnosis Program

If you have experienced a long period of drug abuse or alcohol abuse, doctors might recommend a inpatient alcohol rehab program or inpatient drug rehab program The inpatient drug rehab and alcohol rehab program provides 24-hour support and it is highly effective. If you need help locating a drug rehab or alcohol rehab program you can go to www.recoveryconnection.org or call the national alcohol abuse helpline at 1-800-511-9225. If you are looking for a gay alcohol rehab program, go to www.gay-rehab.com.

Jonathan Huttner is an owner of Lakeview Health Systems which specializes in the treatment of drug addiction, alcohol addiction and dual diagnosis.

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alcohol abuse hotline – Alcohol Abuse Hotline helps individuals or families find the help that they need. Alcohol Abuse Hotline has a 24 hour drug addiction hotline and an alcohol addiction hotline available for those seeking help. Visit www.alcoholabusehotline.org for more information or call (855) 633-3036 for a free consultation


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