Drug Abuse Symptoms: Drug Abuse Symptoms – How to Tell When Someone Is Abusing Drugs

is a very common problem these days. It is important to know the warning signs of someone who is using drugs. The faster you catch the problem the easier the recovery and the less consequences.

A lot of people have addictive personalities before they start using drugs. They could possibly spend too much money or eat too much food and they eventually see that they can get comfort also from drugs as well.

One thing to look for is a loss of interest in things that are normally something they like doing. When you are on substances you don’t care about anything and you certainly don’t want to be around other people who might notice you are “high” and criticize you. Eventually nothing except getting high makes you happy.

Another thing to watch for is the way they are acting. For a few examples, when people are on methamphetamine they are fidgety and they’re eyes are dilated, they may seem agitated or bothered. When people are on pills or marijuana (downers) they may be very laid back and hard to bother. When on meth you feel like nothing is quick enough and you just want life to adjust to your speed, chewing on your lip is also common with meth use. When you are on pills and marijuana (downers) you just laugh and nothing matters. Being aware of changes in behavior is important.

Changes in appetite are also very common with substance abuse. When using substances you either lose your appetite or feel overly hungry, depending on the substance. This can be very harmful to your body because of the lack of nutrition.

Poor hygiene is another result of substance abuse. Many changes take place in your body and mind when you start neglecting yourself. It seems like nothing matters except the substance.

It’s important to research the many warning signs of substance abuse, being aware is vital to starting recovery. Once you are aware then you can begin the steps it takes to get better. If you or your loved one suffers from chemical dependency, there is a solution and many people who are willing to help; you just have to really want the help.

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