Does God Answer Prayer?

Question by don_steele54: Does God answer prayer?
Yesterday a mother called our house for prayer for her son. My Wife listened attentively to the woman. She had just gotten back from Wichita Kansas. Her seventeen year old son had come up missing from a drug rehab center there. He had been missing for two weeks and his family had went there to pass out flyers with his picture on them in hopes that someone might identify him and he could be found. The lady told my Wife that she wasn’t a Christian, she had grown up catholic and had left that after leaving home at a young age. My Wife is not shy when it comes to prayer and asked the lady if she would like to have a prayer over the phone. She was willing to do anything at this point if it would help get her son found safely. After the prayer they said their good byes.Ten minutes later this lady called back to tell my Wife that they had no sooner hung up the phone and her son called.This lady is now ready to here more about Jesus,will you all pray for her and her family?
NEMO you might have something to base your idea on if he had called the next day even.But this was as soon as the phone was hung up. My wife had prayed that the Lord would put it on this young mans heart to call his mother.
UPDATE: This young man went and turned himself in today. It was a court order that he be in the rehab center. His mother said that she nor her son were affraid though because now they knew that God was with them. This whole family is turning their hearts over to God. We all know satan won’t give up so easily so please continue to pray. And God Bless all of you for your prayers, and words of praise.

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Answer by ipodlady231
yes. he might not answer your prayer in a way you’d expect… but believe me, god does answer your prayers!!

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26 Responses to Does God Answer Prayer?

  • Maria c says:

    i thought it was “GODS WILL”

  • Juju says:

    Beautiful testimony…I most certainly will God Bless you and yours …:)

  • Tryingtofigure it out says:


  • Nemo says:

    It seems to me like you dont need an answer to your question.
    But I do believe that God answers prayers..but I also believe that fate has something to do with it as well. Maybe the prayers that seem to be miracloulsy answered is just a coincidence; maybe its fate working to our advantage

  • billystinkfinger says:

    He sure does!

    Why just last week I prayed for some cash, and the next day I received a check in the mail directly from god!

    [I’m not sure why he deducted money for social security though]

  • married_so_leave_me_alone1999 says:

    Praise God! Yes, I believe in the power of prayer…..I’ve seen too many prayers answered. : )

  • musicalchik says:

    Isn’t it amazing what the power and love of God can do? Yes, I most certainly will pray for her and her family. God always turns the bad things that happen in our lives that are caused by Satan into something good. What an amazing God He is, one who hears and answers prayers. God Bless!

  • bonsai bobby says:

    Yes,I will,Don.

    EDIT I was answering yes,to praying for her and her family by the way. And yes,I believe that God’s answers prayers..I have received many answered prayers over the years.

  • pimpy says:


  • Jlk says:

    That is wonderful! I’m so happy for this mother and praise the Lord, that He is able to use situations like these to draw people to Him. I will be praying.

  • LuxuryClass4 says:

    God will only answer your prayers if you repent of your sins and believe jesus christ died for your sins and believe jesus christ can grant you ever lasting life. Until then he will never answer any of your prayers. He wants mankind to be humble not arrogant and foolish like Atheists and Agnotics who never recieve miracles or blessing from God. Repent and believe then you shall be saved!

  • The one and only GOE says:

    God answers prayer, but when it comes to changing addictive habits, it is best to go to some of God’s own called “professionals” who will teach this woman’s son the 12 step program. It is doubtful God answered the need of this woman to find her son in an “instant” and was coincidental that he called right after talking to your wife. God doesn’t sit around each day waiting on the billions in the world to call on him and IS why he gave all of us BRAINS to help each other out with. I lived in Newton, just north of Wichita, and they have some very good recovery programs there in Kansas for alcoholics and drug addicts. RECOMMEND your wife tells this woman to CONTACT some mental health professionals or CALL up the one treatment center in Dodge City called New Chance. They can best help these persons and help the woman’s son recover from his addictions………….

  • nissy says:

    I will most certainly pray 4 her and her family. 2 answer ur question, yes God does answer prayers; it may not be the answer we want or at the time we want it but the Lord knows all things and therefore can and does decide if what we have asked 4 is in our best interest. However there is such a thing as God’s permissive will, this is when we ask 4 something that is not His divine will 2 grant 2 us but He perm it’s us 2 have that which we ask of him. In my experience it is better 2 ask that His divine will be done in our lives.

  • Thomas G says:

    Yes He does. I have been praying for months to heal a rift between my wife and I that I caused though my awful and unchristian behavior. There does not seem to be light yet at the end of the tunnel but every day as I pray, every time I turn to Him and pray I feel the world move and His will break forth. I do not know where this path will end but I do know that in more ways then I can every know He is answering my prayers.

  • Kerilyn* says:

    GOD is wonderful, isn’t he!
    that doesn’t surprise me at all…
    after all, GOD does work Miracles all the time…I will gladly pray for them.

  • says:

    that is a great testimony and yes I will pray.
    praise God for caring people/
    and may He bless you richly.

  • robert p says:

    I have experienced more answered prayers then i could tell.God Has a way of answering that a person has to know He was a part.If these anti-christians on YA (mainly R&S) would give God a chance they would know they need Him.
    It seems smiley George had a prayer request resently for someone but i don’t know what happened.I pray for Thomas and his wife.

  • neverlost says:

    He has answered mine A LOT!!

  • polly says:

    Hi Don S,
    What a lovely story you have shared with us thank you. You answer your own question through the experience given because clearly you believe God answered your prayer and you want to share this strong feeling with others.
    And yes I think if you believe strongly enough God answers our prayers but not everyone will enjoy such a quick and wonderful response. I believe God listens to our prayers and when the time is right he will respond. Sometimes however the response/answer is not what we really wanted. Otherwise all ailments would be cured and there would not be so much tragedy in this world. Why? He must have his reasons. Even so I am in touch with my/our God every day and I believe in the power of prayer.

  • spir_i_tual says:

    In His time.

  • LadyG says:

    God does answer prayer. You may pray for something personally and although you may not always get an immediate answer, or the one you hope for, if you are one of His children He will respond. I have many stories of prayers that have been answered right way. God is good and I am thankful that He is in my life.

    Please pray for rain for the dry areas of our country. My sister is in southern California and they are suffering there. Her ministry includes saving abandoned and abused expensive birds. The water runs hot when it’s 117 degrees, and it’s hard to keep the animals cool. Many people out there are suffering because of the heat. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but she has asked for prayers for relief.

    As for the woman who called for prayers for her son, God responded immediately and now we may rejoice in another saved soul. God bless you!

  • Pollyanna?? says:

    Absolutely He answers prayers. Some he may answer immediately others you may have to wait and contemplate abiding patiently in the Lord others it just may not be His will. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

  • Ceeny says:

    Yes our God is awesome! I love you God!

  • not a victim says:

    Yes yes yes!!!!!
    Thank you for the inspiring and encouraging story!!!!!
    We do not always get prayers answered so obviously and quickly…….when we do it sure builds the faith.
    At least for those who have ears to hear!
    Thank you for sharing that with us!

  • says:

    Does God Answer Prayers?

    The answer is yes, no, and wait. If God answered every prayer from everyone who asked, God would become our own personal genie. Basically we would just have to tell God our wish and he would grant it to us. This is not biblical to think all prayers will be answered. If God answered every prayer the world would turn in to a big mess. God knows what is best for us.

    Here are some conditions that God has for our prayers:
    1)We are to ask in God’s name. This means we need to ask in God’s will. God’s will is what ever glorifies God. The bible says, “I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. (John 14:13,14)
    2)God cannot hear us if there is sin in our hearts. If we are living a life that we are being convicted of and do not repent of our sins, God will not hear our prayers. Our prayers will only be heard when we repent to God and turn from our sins. If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. (Psalm 66:18)
    3)God will not answer us if we do not have faith that God will hear and answer our prayers. We need to also have faith that God knows best for our lives and will not answer the prayers that will hurt us. There is always a reason for answered and unanswered prayers. We will not always understand this but God does. Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)
    4)We need to ask in God’s will. If we ask in prayer for the wrong motives our prayer will not be answered. When you ask, you do not receive; because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. (James 4:3)
    Sometimes we need to wait and know God will answer when the time is right. When we ask God in prayer, our prayers will not always be instant. Now days everyone wants things instant. This is not how God works. The Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. (Luke 18:6-8)

  • teasergirl says:

    Yes he does answer prayer an i will pray right now for that lady and her family.

    He’s an on time God.

    Bless you.

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