Does Anyone Want to Adopt a 30 Yr Old Cerberal Palsy Girl?

Question by elvisyoakam: does anyone want to adopt a 30 yr old cerberal palsy girl?
hi I’m asking for help and advice what are my options what can I do what can you do? the letters below is what I have been emailing and sending to family members please read them and get back to me asap thank you, debbie
My niece needs a family she is 30 and has cerebral palsy she lost her guardian which was my dad and mom. she lives in a group home with the state she has been rapped 2 x’s she has males in her house now and a girl she does not get a long with because the girl is deaf and she gets frustrated with her because she can’t communicate so when she gets mad they threaten her to take her to witchatafalls, she does not need that. her mom is a felon and abuses medication so breezy can not live there. My brother is a sob thinks he is better than anyone he does not relate to breezy and can not love her like she needs and the pre trail guardian she has now is her moms friend and she is on medication too and I asked her what she was doing for the holidays she said she was going to be with her husband well what about breezy? I have fibromyagia and a back problem I can not take care of her full time but I wish they would let her come visit at least for the holidays, I live on the border of TX and ok they say it is to far. she has lost everything and they wonder why she is upset. she has her times but she is a very loving person she loves attention most of the time. my main concern is I don’t think she is getting any attention she stays at home not allowed to go anywhere and when she was working she did so for free the people that work there don’t play with them, not even sure she gets to eat. her stuff gets stolen and nobody will do anything but drug her when she complains. she needs help in the bathroom like getting in and out of tub and help with making sure she wipes good and changes her pads stuff in that nature. And I was told they don’t do. her left side is stiff she hurts sometimes has to rest can’t walk far. there is allot more to know about her than words can say just let me say one more thing the dr. said she would be a veg. and she would not make it through the night they put her in a corner and turned the light out and gave up. that was 30 yrs ago she has proved them wrong she is a miracle baby and I love her so much she deserves more than just to be locked away somewhere please some one love her and take care of her she will brighten your day and at the end of the day she will sing you to sleep. and you will have that warm feeling in your heart that she put there. I am hoping to see her leave that house by Christmas. if it is only for a day. thanks for this board , aunt Debbie
send this letter to everyone you think that might be able to help or send me there direction since I wrote this letter I had to write this one toput in my christmas cards
letter 2
Hello, I hope this card finds you healthy and full of cheer.
We are doing ok, I guess we are having some problems, Breezy was sent to Wichita falls mental hospital. Not sure if she’ll be out for Christmas. She was never a merrily girl at Christmas that’s why she’s there the blinking lights on a tree makes her mad and I guess the workers did not know that she ended up hurting a worker and the tree cut her twice. She’s not taking everything well, she is miserable and digressing, and don’t understand why they are treating her this way. I met the staff not a very cheery bunch don’t play or talk to her, they the state already had her pretty much in lockdown she was not able to go anywhere with anybody not even to work for free since papa died. They finally got her a guardian and she isn’t working out at all which being one of kims friends I did not think she would. She needs to be with a one on one or both parents and that’s not going to happen with Kim. So if any one wants to or knows someone that wants to adopt a 30 yr old please call me and your local cps/dhs office not Denton she needs out of that town. I’ve been online been hitting dead ends so I would appreciate the help.
All my kids and grandkids are doing good, they all are going to be here for Christmas. We love you and we hope you have a Merry and safe Christmas.
Love, Debbie
PS If possiable please forward this letter to everyone that could help I heard there was this lady in durant that would love to have her the thing is I don’t know how to find her. Breezy has $ for lawyer fees and all that she also gets ssi for her exspenses. please help it is killing me to see her like this thank you
thanks for your prayers. and they have been turned in several times they always had excuses like it happened at work my dad finaly got gaurdian so he had them change jobs but nothing happened to the guy. and now my dads gone. I’m not in good health or I would take her. thanks again fo letting me be here and your support.

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Answer by imonlyalittlehigh
hi. good luck.

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  • blank says:

    I will do that as in send them out to people.And good luck.

  • nicky says:

    hii pray breezy will be safe and be blessed and that god will provide her with a loving patient home, every life was predestined and God wanted Breezy on this earth for a reason, and the enemy will do everything he can t come against that plan, i pray special protection over her and ask gods angels to protect her. my heart is sore for this lady and i hope and pray that things will go better for her and she gets the love and nurturing she requires god bless.

  • greenjellybean says:

    Someone really should report that group home to the authorities for allowing a person living under their care to be raped twice seemingly without consequences. I wish the girl luck.

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