Child Custody Questions–kansas?

Question by : child custody questions–kansas?
my child is not yet born but i was wondering these things:
1.) me and my baby’s father live separtely, but we’re still dating(unless he decides to go ahead & break up with me) can i still apply for custody after my baby is born?
2.) He works nights and currently goes to school during the days(til 3-3:30pm) Can i make visitation only the weekends because his schedule is so busy during the weekdays-barely had time 2 even talk to me during the weekdays so i know he wont be able to watch our child.
3.) his mother isnt responsible at all- she is on tons of different pain killers (so it keeps her high all the time) she has history of drug use & when he & his siblings were younger they got taken away form her & his dad by srs. She is untrustworthy & very unstable-(she is psychotic, she’s the reason why im no longer living with him) Can i prevent her from being alone with my child or watching my child?
4.) what are the child custody & child support laws for kansas?? If he makes more money than me will it prevent him from having to pay child support?
5.) what are the visitation rights/laws of parents in kansas?
im not against men. or my baby’s father. he is actually currently my fiance, but his mom is a problem- a big one. and i dont want her alone with my child or watching my child while he is sleeping before work. he works 3rd shift 11 pm-7 am then currently goes to school(and will be when the baby is born) from 7am- 3 30 pm. then goes to bed from 3 30pm – 10 55pm then goes to work and does it monday-friday. i asked to make visitation only on weekends because of his busy weekday schedule, he will have more time with our child and his mom wont be able to watch him/her. his mom has a mental disorder, she is psychotic! he is more than welcome to have our child anytime he is off from work/school and the weekends but, i dont want my child to ever be left alone with his crazy mom.

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Answer by George McCasland
A universal bias against men is that they have no custody rights to the children resulting from a shack up. You already have sole custody. Only Germany grants single fathers any presumed rights, and they were ordered to by the German Supreme Court last year. This is one reason why 20% of sexually active girls, over the age of 12, are TRYING TO GET PREGNANT. They can get knocked up, demand child support, and not worry about the father wanting the child. Even if he is granted access orders, 40% of mothers violate them with immunity. Even a woman who had sex with a minor can do this.

I’m in Kansas and teach fathers how to get their rights, and Bird Nest Custody.

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