Can I Find a Decent Drug Rehab in Calhoun, Georgia?

Question by andie: Can I find a decent drug rehab in Calhoun, Georgia?
My friend Eddie has been secretly addicted to heroin for the last fifteen months. About two days ago, he approached me to ask for some help. He said that he wanted to put a stop into all that nonsense and that he wanted to start a new life. He asked me to find a drug rehab in Calhoun, Georgia because he said that his family owns a house there and that he wants me to stay there while he’s in a nearby rehab. Please help me find some information about drug rehabs in Calhoun. This is very important. My friend has finally decided to change and I really want to support him. Thanks.

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Answer by trucker58us
call your local police dept, sheriff dept

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NARCONON of Georgia Drug and Alcohol Rehab Information PART 1 – Narconon of Georgia’s Executive Director Mary Rieser tells about the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program. PART 1 Narconon offers a non-traditional Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program and Sauna Detoxification. Visit Narconon’s website at


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Who Needs To Learn About Drug Rehabs in Georgia?
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