Are There Any Drug Rehabs in Sandy Hook, Connecticut?

Question by regan: Are there any drug rehabs in Sandy Hook, Connecticut?
Hello! I just want to ask if anybody here has an idea if there are any drug rehabs in Sandy Hook, Connecticut because I have to find one. My son Jason has this assignment about drug rehabs and he needs to conduct some interviews for his paper. He asked me if I know of a drug rehab here in our area and I don’t know what to say to him because I also don’t have any idea about it. Please help us find a drug rehab. My son seems interested in the subject and I want him to do well in this assignment. Thank you.

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Answer by dans_1962
Unfortunately, no one can do interviews with any Drug Rehab in fears of their drug connections ok drug dealers may slip in some drugs to them while in recovery. No information is given out. It’s all confidential. They will only give you basic answers like the cost and the steps taken for Detox. The basic would be assestment testing, group therapy and individual counseling. The best solution to do would be to watch this program called Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on Thursday night on Vh1. Also, A & E channel has a program called Interventions. You should check it out. If this is another way of not announcing your son has a drug problem and needs help you can always call your Health Insurance Provider for the nearest Mental Health Center or Drug Program. You can call Alnon for many of your resources. You can go to Yahoo and type in Sandy Hook, Conn Drug Rehab Center. You can call any teen hotline for resources in your phone book. I lived with a drug user for nearly 15 years. I will tell you that many rehab centers don’t work for some drug users. They do have a strict regimen to follow. First thing they do is a body search. Making sure no drugs have been hidden even a rectal exam is performed. They give you a physical. They do an assessment test or interview. They keep you their for only 3 months unless it’s court ordered to stay for one year. If no one offers to give an interview than go to Yahoo Groups and see if you can find recovery drug users.