WoW Addiction?

Question by Doughnuts are Tastey, very like: WoW addiction?
I am addicted to the game World of Warcraft because it is the most beastly game ever. I just need to cut back on the amount i play but i cant. I play about 20 hours each day and almost never do anything but that and eat. i was very fit before i started playing but now i am a lazy glob of jiz. tell me some methods of helping myself play less. And no.. quiting is not one of these answers.

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Answer by SoberN’Crazy
If you are truly addicted, then moderation is not the answer. You have to be willing to stop or play until you can’t anymore. Not sure it sounds like you want help.

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@IamMayaPerez Wow! There’s no way I could do that! I would never keep up. Of course my YouTube addiction doesnt help. Hahaha – by SmallLilies (Lilli)


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@Mazzi_Maz wow you have a serious addiction you need help, haha:) #ilysm – by 1Dlydiagayle (Lydia Williford? )


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Wow! RT @iCumYouLeave: I need help with my porn addiction. – by MARCUS_49ERSNYK (marcus)


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