Why Is It That the More I Learn About Pets (Dogs, Cats, Etc), the More I Love Humans.?

Question by : Why is it that the more I learn about pets (dogs, cats, etc), the more I love humans.?
I’m trying to understand my psychology. I used to have a dog and all he caused was grief. I had to buy him food. I had to take him out to poo. Many times he would poo in the house. It seems like the dog created more stress in my life. A few times he even jumped into my bed and I had to wash the sheets. During the 3 years I had this dog, I had to wash my hands several times a day because the dog would like me. One time, I had to spend $ 200 on the vet to remove a cyst from his body. I don’t know were people come to the conclusion that pets make them happy.

So my question remains the same…

Why is it that the more I learn about pets (dogs, cats, etc), the more I love humans.

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Answer by Angelica
For me its the opposite

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3 Responses to Why Is It That the More I Learn About Pets (Dogs, Cats, Etc), the More I Love Humans.?

  • Vanessa?. says:

    Cause you dont like the work & you dont appreciate animals. Some people, are so lonely/depressed they’d spend alot on animals.

  • anGeL says:

    first i want to ask this why did you ever owned a dog? if you want him to be the best dog like never fell ill,obey for your every command etc you should never get one and also every dog should be well trained

  • Country Strata says:

    some people just aren’t animal lovers. for me, i am, i’ve grown up with dogs and do everything i can to make sure they are well taken care of and provided for. my sister, however, isn’t. she doesn’t take care of our dogs unless she absolutely has to, like when I or my mom is away from home and she’s the only one there.

    you’re just not an animal person and prefer human company over furry company. nothing wrong with that 🙂 unless you become an animal abuser -.- then i’ll come for you >:l hee hee (not really but you get my point)

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