Why Are Most Drug Abuse Treatment Programs Unsuccessful?

Question by Bitches Be Crazy: Why are most drug abuse treatment programs unsuccessful?

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Answer by twistedtart
Because most don’t treat the root cause of addiction, which is usually some form of abuse or neglect. Til you deal with that trigger, the addiction(s) will always be an issue. imo

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Few doctors know how to treat addiction. A new program aims to change that.

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Only about 10 percent of the 22 million Americans with a drug or alcohol problem receive treatment, the report found. After including 18 million other people whose only addiction is to nicotine, it estimated that 40 million Americans are addicted to …
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Circuit Court sentencings

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Miles Eugene Ratliff, 43, 1250 18½-Mile Road, Tekonsha, pleaded no contest to assaulting a police officer: 12 months probation, must successfully complete substance abuse treatment program, $ 425 in fines, costs and fees, 08/02/2012. Jeffrey Charles …
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Three Strikes Law & Drug Addiction: What Does The Science Say?

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The California Republican Party has publicly opposed the proposed reform, calling it an initiative to "weaken important public safety programs." And many supporters of the three strikes law argue that it not only … Think about this: About two-thirds …
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Job : St Louis MO – Psychiatrist Substance Abuse/Residential Treatment Programs – St. – will provide direct care… http://t.co/w5E6tooG – by rehab_hotline (Rehab Hotline)


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RT @policy4results: GAO Report: Initial Review of the National Strategy and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs http://t.co/vMl … – by kela_s (Michaela S Rawsthorn)


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GAO Report: Initial Review of the National Strategy and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs http://t.co/vMlV8BfW – by policy4results (policy4results)


5 Responses to Why Are Most Drug Abuse Treatment Programs Unsuccessful?

  • Gary B says:

    Because they deal primarily with substituting one addiction for another, and do not treat the basic underlying problem — a sense of overwhelming uselessness and unimportance.

    Programs based on a RELIGIOUS basis have a MUCH higher success rate, as they treat BOTH the chemical addiction AND the underlying causes, proving to the addict that they ar NOT useless, inferior, and unwanted.

  • JohnJDeHart11 says:

    one recovering addict told me this.. that Sobriety is better than being sobor.. he explained… being sobor is just that? no more drugs or alcohol.. but having Sobriety is being clean AND happy.

  • forestskog says:

    I did the same for three years. My humble advice: Cut the hell back now. That way you can still enjoy a drink. This is a one way street. The next step is serious addiction (wild cravings as opposed to just impulses or ‘want to). And once that switch goes off well first you? probably can never drink again. But moreover its just a big unnecesary pain in the ass in your life forever. IMO if you seriously cut back right now you will be in a much better place.

  • weirdguy75 says:

    I’ve only been drinking heavily off and on for almost two years and I’m trying to cut back. However life does get in the? way and it will not give me a clear view of what my options are at this point.

  • prschuster says:

    Life is a lot better sober. It? has been a lot better for me.

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