Why Am I So Unfocused and Depressed?

Question by MMN: why am i so unfocused and depressed?
i went through a serious depressive state and i was unaware of how deep it was until i had recovered partially. i spent the last year or so reflecting and recuperating but recently it has returned a bit. i am afraid that all the friendships i form are meaningless, like everyone will leave and i will be alone. i am scared and am pushing people away but i long for connection.

i am scared and constantly exhausted. i postpone everything and my grades are slipping and i am just loathing myself. i worry that anyone who befriends me only feels sorry for me, and that everyone is inferior. i don’t know why. i just want this to end- what is wrong?
* i meant i feel inferior, that others are superior

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Answer by Bob The fishmonger
well, if you have been like this for more than a year i would say that the underlying problem is still there. get rid of it, if there is no external reason it may just be chemical, look to your family for a history.

Answer by Beastly
Your spending too much time on yahoo answers, don’t worry the symptoms are common and will go away after finding a more worthwhile activity.

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  • *~ Msz Anonymousz~ * says:

    the world is messed up right now…..depression is all around. trust me i know..maybe u should ask a psychiatrist about lexapro….it helped me sooo much

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