Which ILLEGAL Drug Is the Worst Drug?

Question by Jazzy Fizzle: Which ILLEGAL drug is the worst drug?
Your answers are going to be a very opinionated of course, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think PCP is the worst drug. I’ve never done it, but the effects can even lead to death. Of course, the effects have to do with the dosage but still. These are the effects wikipedia shows and what i read first.

Behavioral effects can vary by dosage. Low doses produce a numbness in the extremities and intoxication, characterized by staggering, unsteady gait, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and loss of balance. Moderate doses (5–10 mg intranasal, or 0.01–0.02 mg/kg intramuscular or intravenous) will produce analgesia and anesthesia. High doses may lead to convulsions.[29] Frequently users do not know how much of the drug they are taking due to the tendency of the drug to be made illegally in uncontrolled conditions.
Psychological effects include severe changes in body image, loss of ego boundaries, paranoia and depersonalization. Hallucinations, euphoria, suicidal impulses and aggressive behavior are reported. The drug has been known to alter mood states in an unpredictable fashion, causing some individuals to become detached, and others to become animated. Intoxicated individuals may act in an unpredictable fashion, possibly driven by their delusions and hallucinations. PCP may induce feelings of strength, power, and invulnerability as well as a numbing effect on the mind. Occasionally, this leads to bizarre acts of violence. However, studies by the Drug Abuse Warning Network in the 1970s show that media reports of PCP-induced violence are greatly exaggerated and that incidents of violence were unusual and often (but not always) limited to individuals with reputations for aggression regardless of drug use. The reports in question often dealt with a supposed increase in strength imparted by the drug; this could partially be explained by the anaesthetic effects of the drug. The most commonly-cited types of incidents included self-mutilation of various types, breaking handcuffs (a feat reportedly requiring about 550 lbf (2.4 kN) of force), inflicting remarkable property damage, and pulling one’s own teeth.
Included in the portfolio of behavioral disturbances are acts of self-injury including suicide, and attacks on others or destruction of property. The analgesic properties of the drug can cause users to feel less pain, and persist in violent or injurious acts as a result. Recreational doses of the drug can also induce a psychotic state that resembles schizophrenic episodes which can last for months at a time with toxic doses. Users generally report an “out-of-body” experience where they feel detached from reality, or one’s consciousness seems somewhat disconnected from reality.

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What the White House says about Legalizing Marijuana – Full E-mail: “What they Have to Say About Legalizing Marijuana By Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy When the President took office, he directed all of his policymakers to develop policies based on science and research, not ideology or politics. So our concern about marijuana is based on what the science tells us about the drug’s effects. According to scientists at the National Institutes of Health- the world’s largest source of drug abuse research – marijuana use is associated with addiction, respiratory disease, and cognitive impairment. We know from an array of treatment admission information and Federal data that marijuana use is a significant source for voluntary drug treatment admissions and visits to emergency rooms. Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has almost tripled over the past 20 years, raising serious concerns about what this means for public health — especially among young people who use the drug because research shows their brains continue to develop well into their 20’s. Simply put, it is not a benign drug. Like many, we are interested in the potential marijuana may have in providing relief to individuals diagnosed with certain serious illnesses. That is why we ardently support ongoing research into determining what components of the marijuana plant can be used as medicine. To date, however, neither the FDA nor the Institute of Medicine have found smoked marijuana to meet the modern standard for safe or


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Highlights of the 2010 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Findings on Drug-Related Emergency… http://t.co/ArRlXFoe #Substanceabuse – by IntegratedTrtmt (IntegratedTrtmt)


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Highlights of the 2010 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) Findings on Drug-Related Emergency Department Visits: http://t.co/pVT7MQrh – by IntegratedTrtmt (IntegratedTrtmt)


12 Responses to Which ILLEGAL Drug Is the Worst Drug?

  • Ron H says:

    I was a juror in a murder trial and one the witnesses was a PCP user who suffered from organic brain damage. The guy was in jail for another offense and could not even say how long he had been in jail. Pretty bad.

  • tonyfeng12 says:

    Crystal Meth

  • the best that you can tell says:

    blu magic

  • Squirrley Temple says:

    It’s the biggest problem we have, so many people’s lives destroyed, we have a generation of kids being raised by grandparents because the parents are on meth.

  • theoregonartist says:


  • globalchaosguitar says:

    Marijuana was legalized then president Nixon pushed under the illgeal drug act in the 60’s 70’s because he disliked hippies and their drug of choice was bud. Then congress said it was legal but you had to get a card in order to do so you had to go to the 5-0 station with all your bud and show? them thus getting you thrown in jail for illegal possession of marijuana. Fuck the government and their lies and legalize it to help the fucking country you continue to fuck up and put in debt.

  • WeAskThePeople says:


  • moodeyes67 says:

    marajuana became illegal in? 1937

  • MIB205 says:

    the white house can go? f themselves

  • 04indianajones says:

    Our government is a JOKE every one needs to stop listening? to them and taking them serious ….. Small GOV Ron PAul 2012

  • Bigsteelguy3 says:

    Yes keyword Maybe

    I know mostly what i’m talking? about, i’ve been on youtube since 2007 and have done heavy research in those years. I’ve been in support for the Legalizing of Marijuana for a long time now.

  • ConnorLikesBread says:

    thank you? for saying maybe help the economy your not one of those ignorant people who say it would get america out of debt.. it just makes us all sound retarded. if you dont know what your talking about dont talk.

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